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It’s Decem­ber. It’s almost Christ­mas. Which means in few weeks time we are going to cel­e­brate the arrival of year 2008. This is really crazy, I’ve been work­ing for a year now. Time really flies like no one’s business.

For the past year, I don’t really have much sav­ings. How much I earn will always equals to how much I spend at the end of the month. Even after work­ing for a year, I will feel sad every time I look at my bank account.

So I’ve been ask­ing around my friends to see how they actu­ally plan their spending.

JT told me, “Let it go, put it down. When you have no desires, you will have noth­ing to buy.”

I wish I can be as angelic as he does. Some­how I think mate­ri­al­is­tic is one of the sub­stances in my blood.

MX told me, “Pri­or­i­tize your buy­ing list, buy those things that are more impor­tant to you first.”

Frankly, every­thing seems impor­tant to me.

QX told me, “Who gives a fuck! I’ll spend all the money I have.”

One side of me is telling me to agree with him but the other side keeps hold­ing me back.

KT told me, “Don’t buy that bed frame, don’t buy that spec­ta­cles, use all your money to go shop­ping first.”

Hahaha, that’s not even con­sid­ered as an advice.

Well, after ask­ing so many people’s opin­ion, I still can’t make up my mind either to save money or to buy things. I guess I will just leave my buy­ing list to Santa Clause and hope­fully he will be kind enough to give me every­thing I want. Hehehe…

So here it goes Santa,

    1. An Ikea white colour wooden bedrame
    2. A spring mat­tress but latex one is even better
    3. A few t-shirts from FCUK
    4. A jeans from Levis
    5. A pair of Con­verse shoes
    6. A few shirts from G2000
    7. A new hair­style with some colour highlights
    8. A new and more styl­ish spectacles
    9. A new maintenance-free bat­tery for my car
    10. And last but not least, please set­tle all my tele­phone, Inter­net, Astro and car park bills.

      Not too greedy am I? I guess not. Hahaha…


      This post is about Life

      This post has 6 comments


      CommentNo. 1

      Dan21 December 20072:27 AM

      look­ing for spon­sor­ship to trav­el­ing around instead if gad­get stuff 😛
      Feng, will­ing do spon­sor? hahaha

      Author’s CommentNo. 2

      Den­nis21 December 20072:40 AM

      Hahaha… if you go trav­el­ing, I can spon­sor you Gar­de­nia bread for 1 week.

      CommentNo. 3

      Max21 December 20074:33 PM

      Not greedy… not greedy (-_-)

      CommentNo. 4

      Dan23 December 20079:29 AM

      hmmm stop show­ing ur kiamsiapness .….

      Author’s CommentNo. 5

      Den­nis23 December 20071:56 PM

      Hahaha… ok then… send me all the bills after the trip…

      CommentNo. 6

      Dan25 December 200711:57 AM

      haha­hah eh, when you gonna be free? dinner?

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