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Happy New Year

Time passes so fast and by the time I realise another year has gone. People said that 2007 wasn’t a good year for those who were born in the year of pig, which… ehem… just like me. Well, I can’t really say that it’s all superstition but as long as I can remember, I’ve been through a lot in 2007.

2007 -The year of realisation

I was once a person who is full of confidence. I was once a person who believes that nothing is impossible. But those times are gone. After studying for a year and working for another year, I came to realise that everything is just different from what I’ve expected. I try to resist, but I failed miserably. Most of the time things are just too big and difficult for me to comprehend. I drifted with the current.

Day by day, the life with no objectives had brought me to a stage where I finally realise that the biggest problem of all is me, myself and I.

I need to become more mature. I need to think more openly. I need to be less boring. I need to know more things. I need to meet more friends. I need to take more stress. I need to work harder. I need to play harder as well. I need to learn to love and I need to learn to give.

2008 – The year of experience

In just 3 months time, I’ll be officially 25 years old. I guess it’s not difficult to find someone already with fame and wealth who is still 25. But for me, it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in my life where I start to accept what this world has to offer.

I wanted to write a New Year resolution but I’m afraid that I can’t even keep up to my own promise. I could have list down my New Year wishes like save more money, visit more places, read more books or even get a girlfriend. But someone keeps telling me that don’t just say what I wanted to do and take forever to action.

I am learning and ‘learning’ will become the theme for my 2008. I will have to learn as much as possible in order to become the person who I will proud to be.

A word of conclusion

2007 is not a bad year after all and I have hopes for year 2008. Thanks to those who played a significant role in my life, who showed me the different faces of life, who gave me courage to face the world, who always be there to talk to me and who always be there to laugh with me. To people I hurt and to people I’ve said bad things about, I’m sorry.

Hopefully this year will be a great year and wishing everyone a prosperous and a joyful year ahead.

Happy New Year!!!

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