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Christmas wish list revisited

Few weeks ago I posted a Christmas wish list which I thought it was quite impossible to get all of them and that’s why I leave it to Santa. But eventually out of my surprise, I managed to complete 7.5 out of 10 which I think not bad at all. Let’s take a look.

  1. An Ikea white colour wooden bedrame
  2. A spring mattress but latex one is even better
  3. A few t-shirts from FCUK
  4. A jeans from Levis
  5. A pair of Converse shoes
  6. A few shirts from G2000
  7. A new hairstyle with some colour highlights
  8. A new and more stylish spectacles
  9. A new maintenance-free battery for my car
  10. And last but not least, please settle all my telephone, Internet, Astro and car park bills.

I did some hardcore shopping last month and it was the hardcorest shopping I’ve ever did. Kevin gave me an FCUK t-shirt as a Christmas gift and that’s the most expensive christmas gift I had. Oh, and not forgetting James (one of my colleagues) gave me a 4GB pendrive through presents exchange. Thanks a lot.

Although didn’t bought any shirts from G2000 but I got myself a nice black shirt from Topman. And now, I have 5 black shirts altogether. My brother said it is like some kind of joke in those movies where the actor opens the wardrobe, it was filled with the same kind of clothing. How pathetic.

Got my hair cut but without colour. That’s because I’m too lazy to wait for 2 hours sitting in the saloon just to get my hair done. That’s just waste of time. Maybe next time.

Got myself a new spectacles as well after I wore the previous one for almost 5 years!!! And the best part is my new spec is red in colour. Hahaha… not entirely red I mean. Just the inside part. And the worst part is, no one actually notice I changed my spec.

Last Saturday, Santa was on leave so he has to send the mechanic to send me a new car battery. And guess what, it was a maintenance-free one. Somehow Santa managed to make my car fail to start in the middle of the night and I’ll have to call for mechanic to fix it the next morning. But I’ll appreciate even more if Santa can pay the 300 bucks bill for me as well.

And lastly, those bills. I had to pay the bills anyway, I just made it up to make a 10-item list.

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  1. u changed ur spec meh?!

  2. -_-”’
    That’s what I’m talking about lor… because I still look like a nerd even after I change my spec…

  3. k3vin k3vin


    really no one know u change specs….

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