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Fri­day night is sup­pose to be fun. So bunch of us went to have a drink­ing ses­sion right after work at Sun­way. It’s very eye catch­ing if we go out together because all of us wear­ing black from top to bot­tom. Like just fin­ished attend­ing some funeral or what.

It was fun and chill­ing but too bad Sat­ur­day still need to work. How sad. No one got drunk. Actu­ally I would love to see Jen­nt­ing got drunk because no one knows what he will do after drunk. Hahaha…


Sunday’s weather con­di­tion is 17.4°C wet. Not in KL of course. It was Genting. And it was around 3pm in the after­noon. How I wish KL has this kind of weather. Actu­ally I’m scared of cold. But I don’t like heat as well.


Went to Genting with my fam­ily to attend a concert.


It was a char­ity con­cert to raise fund for a pri­vate Chi­nese high school. So every­one needs to donate money.

The con­cert was orga­nized by a local music com­pany where they pro­duce Chi­nese New Year albums each and every year. EACH AND EVERY YEAR my friends. So most of the songs they sing that night are CNY songs. NOW I can really feel CNY is com­ing soon.


I don’t know since when this tra­di­tion starts. Shops, restau­rants, shop­ping malls will all play CNY songs when the New Year is around the cor­ner. It has been like this even before I know what is Chi­nese New Year. And it’s only hap­pen­ing in Malaysia.

What amazed me is that they pro­duce CNY songs before CNY for all the 22 artists. And right after CNY they will start pro­duc­ing songs for next year’s CNY. And what was more amaz­ing is, did any­one really go and buy these CNY albums???!!! Since they are pro­duc­ing CNY albums every year, I guess they are really mak­ing money out of this.


This post is about Life

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

sean20 January 20087:26 PM

huh…I thought you’re hav­ing din­ner with strangers…
you don’t look like your fam­ily at all ==”
by the way, i’m wear­ing my glasses and i’m so sure my vision is so clear~

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis21 January 20083:24 AM

Where got… some­times peo­ple can­not dif­fer­en­ti­ate between me and my broth­ers.
The photo is a bit blur lah… coz it was taken by a trainee. He was so blur that he gave me some kind of look like ‘what you want me to do with this cam­era phone???’ OF COZ take a pic­ture lah dude…

CommentNo. 3

Dan24 January 20081:24 PM

haha so mean!!

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