From time to time

This morning I had this conversation.

PS: Hey, you guys must come early lah tomorrow. Please come before 9.30 in the morning.
Me: Oh, if like that we can chow by 5 o’clock lah?
PS: Cannot, that one you have to talk to your big boss. By the way, do you know that your appointment letter says that you have to work late from time to time if you need to?
Me: But now we are working late everyday wor.
PS: Yalah, everyday also got need what. That’s why you guys have to stay late.
Me: ……

WTF???!!! WTH???!!!

That’s just so fucked up lah. I knew there’s such thing in the appointment letter, but to make sure again, I went to find back my appointment letter and this is what I found.

… However, as the nature of business is such, you may need to work late from time to time without further remuneration.

Damn it, what does it mean by from time to time? Is everyday means from time to time to you?

To double make sure, I went to find another appointment letter and see how they write it.

… From time to time, you may be required to work on Saturday or Sunday subject to Department/Client requirements. For project team members, work schedule may vary from the above subject to the project operation requirement.

Walau!!! From time to time again??? This one even mention Saturday and Sunday some more.

What a mean society I am living in? Is there any company out there don’t write things like these? Or maybe they write things the other way around.

… You may not work late for whatever reason. From time to time, you may required to go home earlier or even take 1 or 2 days off subject to the project operation requirement.

Hmmm… I wonder.


K3VIN 31 January 2008

the second appointment letter even worse “SATURDAY” and “SUNDAY

I wish, the third one will be happen….



whatever whatever it is…


I wont HAPPEN … and “NEVER

Max 31 January 2008

“Rice already become porridge” liao…
*sob sob*

Dan 31 January 2008

hahaha poor thing.
please check appointment letter next time.

thank god my boss appreciate whatever i do for him…

sean 1 February 2008

you are like “ah sei” now.. pity man

Dennis 1 February 2008

Yalor… damn beh syok lah. I have no life… 🙁

sean 1 February 2008

accidentally came out with this thought….

“what’s the different, everyday you work late and take that as bull-shit as it could be…”

to be frank

the latter is very LS for me…

Kid 5 February 2008

My boss always ask me to go home early one wor.. lol *evil* ;p
Anyone (IT) interested to work at my office? haha

Dennis 5 February 2008

Sean… I don’t want to be like that also lah… if can I also want to go home early and do things i like to do…

Eric… your boss is so good… don’t forget to bank in advertising fee to my account wor… hehehe…

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