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This morn­ing I had this conversation.

PS: Hey, you guys must come early lah tomor­row. Please come before 9.30 in the morn­ing.
Me: Oh, if like that we can chow by 5 o’clock lah?
PS: Can­not, that one you have to talk to your big boss. By the way, do you know that your appoint­ment let­ter says that you have to work late from time to time if you need to?
Me: But now we are work­ing late every­day wor.
PS: Yalah, every­day also got need what. That’s why you guys have to stay late.
Me: ……

WTF???!!! WTH???!!!

That’s just so fucked up lah. I knew there’s such thing in the appoint­ment let­ter, but to make sure again, I went to find back my appoint­ment let­ter and this is what I found.

… How­ever, as the nature of busi­ness is such, you may need to work late from time to time with­out fur­ther remuneration.

Damn it, what does it mean by from time to time? Is every­day means from time to time to you?

To dou­ble make sure, I went to find another appoint­ment let­ter and see how they write it.

… From time to time, you may be required to work on Sat­ur­day or Sun­day sub­ject to Department/Client require­ments. For project team mem­bers, work sched­ule may vary from the above sub­ject to the project oper­a­tion requirement.

Walau!!! From time to time again??? This one even men­tion Sat­ur­day and Sun­day some more.

What a mean soci­ety I am liv­ing in? Is there any com­pany out there don’t write things like these? Or maybe they write things the other way around.

… You may not work late for what­ever rea­son. From time to time, you may required to go home ear­lier or even take 1 or 2 days off sub­ject to the project oper­a­tion requirement.

Hmmm… I wonder.


This post is about Work

This post has 8 comments


CommentNo. 1

K3VIN31 January 20084:18 PM

the sec­ond appoint­ment let­ter even worse “SATURDAY” and “SUNDAY

I wish, the third one will be hap­pen.…



what­ever what­ever it is…


I wont HAPPEN … and “NEVER

CommentNo. 2

Max31 January 20085:09 PM

“Rice already become por­ridge” liao…
*sob sob*

CommentNo. 3

Dan31 January 20085:28 PM

hahaha poor thing.
please check appoint­ment let­ter next time.

thank god my boss appre­ci­ate what­ever i do for him…

CommentNo. 4

sean1 February 20089:32 AM

you are like “ah sei” now.. pity man

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis1 February 200811:40 AM

Yalor… damn beh syok lah. I have no life… :(

CommentNo. 6

sean1 February 20087:03 PM

acci­den­tally came out with this thought.…

“what’s the dif­fer­ent, every­day you work late and take that as bull-shit as it could be…”

to be frank

the lat­ter is very LS for me…

CommentNo. 7

Kid5 February 20088:04 AM

My boss always ask me to go home early one wor.. lol *evil* ;p
Any­one (IT) inter­ested to work at my office? haha

Author’s CommentNo. 8

Den­nis5 February 20089:02 AM

Sean… I don’t want to be like that also lah… if can I also want to go home early and do things i like to do…

Eric… your boss is so good… don’t for­get to bank in adver­tis­ing fee to my account wor… hehehe…

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