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February oh February

Here goes February 2008. It was a busy month, actually not that busy. But I was pretty busy. I am lazy have no time to write many things. Plus I can’t remember those things I’ve done but have not taken any pictures of them.

So lets start with something I did this mid February.


Performance of Chinese orchestra in Pavilion. Don’t you think it’s a bit too low budget for Pavilion? I’m not trying to be mean. They have other shows going on as well. But these 4 girls are not very promising.


Congratulations to Kevin and Yeow Thiong. Wish you guys all the best in your career.


Colleagues have bought Kevin hand bouquet with pink colour wrapping papers plus a graduated teddy bear.


I bought him another teddy bear with some lollipops. Too many teddy bears perhaps.


Attended Jenn’s grandmother’s 80th birthday dinner at Kajang. Thanks dear for inviting me.


So long Stevo. We will miss you (in fact, we already do).


Went to watch Jumper with Max and had dinner at Marche. Nice movie, nice food.


Went to try out this new restaurant called DiiZan in Cyberjaya. Very nice. The taste of the food not too strong but not very light as well. The price is reasonable. Interior design very artistic. Recommended.


Friday night fever! Went to Thai Club. Too bad around 1 o’clock most of them already start feeling sleepy. Yeah you never heard me wrongly, sleepy

So basically life was good. Just a bit busy with work and no time for myself. Currently working on a government website which is a big project. Squeezing my brain to come out with a good website because basically government websites are just… sigh…

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  1. ahzenn ahzenn

    woo.. so busy February…

  2. sean sean

    hihi./…how’s day?

    seems like you have gain weightO_O

  3. yalor… my pants all very tight already… sob… sob…

    not like some1… start going to the gym already…

  4. it was fun and crazy night I ever had… hope there are more to come kekeke

  5. sean sean

    iie iie..nani koto desuka…
    .chigaimasu yo~

    some of my pants also “kiu chooi”

  6. @sophea
    Of coz there will be more… but this time we should go to a better and more happening club… cannot go home so early wor… hehehe…

    joudan desuyo…
    I will hit the gym very soon… watch out for my slimming plan… muahahahaha…

  7. Dan Dan

    tsk tsk … jenny never ajak me 🙁
    by the way, got my new car already 😛 happy sial !!

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