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Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me!!! I am now officially 25 years old. 25 years OLD. Oh no, I am getting older and older already.


We (colleagues) had a really crazy night at Neway Karaoke during my birthday eve.


We do crazy/stupid things all night long.



But this picture looks damn not right. It looks very “yellow”. Not suitable for kids.


Sophea and Zenn.


Batman and Robin.


Jong and Jenn.


Kevin who keeps playing with his new PSP all night long.


And all of us going nutz trying to rip me off for no reason.


The next day, Sophea did something really really surprising. When I reach office this morning, I saw this on my desk.


Awww… so sweet of her. She went to bake cupcakes after she got home from karaoke session around 3 o’clock in the morning. And she wrote my name, each alphabet on 1 cupcake using cream and put them nicely on my desk.

Thank you so much Sophea. The cupcakes taste terrific.


And thanks to all of you, from left to right, Zenn, Jong, Peter, Yeow Thiong, Sophea, Kevin, Max, Kuan Hau and Jenn Ting.


For getting me this FCUK t-shirt. Loving it.


And no thanks to Peter for trying to molest me.


And finally, thanks to Kevin for buying me a bottle of perfume from Clinique and organising the karaoke session. I’m glad to have you as my best friend.


Thank you so much. You all have given me a most wonderful birthday ever.

P/S: Not forgetting to thank all my friends who wished me in msn, sms and through phone.

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  1. kevin kevin

    Happy birthday,
    I bet you will like this perfume so much.

    I really appreciate what I learn from you within a year.

    just one year since we knowing each other, but I really glad to know you.
    from a stranger to friend, from friend to best friend, from best friend to housemate…

  2. Wei don’t copy my words…

    Thanks for your greeting and the gift… appreciate them a lot…

  3. ahzenn ahzenn

    I think i got gambade abit on keep fit ler… every pics look so fat!!! Happy birthday ya~

  4. Nvm lah… you are not the fattest 1 in those pictures… hehehe…

  5. Max Max


  6. Sophea Sophea

    happy happy happy birthday lo
    and…i will improve my cupcake baking skill huhuhuhu (esp. the topping [blushing])

  7. sean sean

    happy belated birthday!

  8. Thanks Max, thanks Sophea, thanks Sean.

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