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It’s 3:00 AM now and I’m writ­ing this from the office. I call this “over over time”.

Got a call around 1 AM from the big boss when I was sleep­ing just now. He was in Africa and it was around 6 PM over there. He said it’s very very urgent and he needs me to send him some pic­tures ASAP.

So here I am. Send­ing some pic­tures over 100 MB through email.

Well, what to do. Think of it in a bet­ter way lor. How many peo­ple actu­ally have the chance to come back to the office to send pic­tures in the mid­dle of the night right? At least I did that before already.

Almost fin­ish send­ing. Damn sleepy now.



This post is about Work

This post has 11 comments


CommentNo. 1

k3vin18 March 20087:38 AM

I was shock this morn­ing din see u around~
tot u dis­s­a­pear­ing… like jumper

CommentNo. 2

sean18 March 200812:43 PM

oh my GOD.….…..

CommentNo. 3

Max18 March 20082:49 PM

q (U_U) p *shake head*
no choice lo…

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis18 March 20088:10 PM

:( Hope­fully no next time…

CommentNo. 5

Dan23 March 20081:27 PM

hahahha .. poor dennis …

CommentNo. 6

daijiaoking23 March 20088:17 PM

no won­der that day, saw u so early in office… pity.…

CommentNo. 7

Max23 March 200811:34 PM

Dai-Jiao-King = Yaw Tiong???


[on gosh… “Dai Jiao”!!!!]

Direct trans­la­tion = Retarded Penis ????


CommentNo. 8

ahzenn25 March 200812:01 AM

How dirty max… but i always for­got to ask, why yeow thiong called ‘dai jiao king’?

CommentNo. 9

daijiaoking25 March 20085:40 PM

max ar~~~
[Direct trans­la­tion = Retarded Penis ????]

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis25 March 20086:06 PM

Wah!!! Now every­one also got blog already. Hahaha…

What is dai­jiaok­ing by the way?

P/S: Max likes penis is because he is “lan ciao kia”.

CommentNo. 11

sean25 March 20087:34 PM

Den­nis: tu dia~~~~~HA~~~~~~~

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