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Working life has been hectic and pressure. When Okui popped up the suggestion few months ago to go to Labuan for a trip, without hesitation I straight away said ok.

Map of Labuan Island

This is the first time I’m taking a flight. Well, not exactly first time because my real first flight was around 20 years ago when I was still a baby.

It’s so amazing that something the size of a whale can fly in the sky. Everything seems to be so small from the top.

Island view from the plane

I was very excited about the flight. So I keep taking pictures of the sky, sea and land, keep taking videos of how the plane takes off and keep looking at the stewardess giving demo on how to fasten seat belt and using the life jacket. And how can I miss the chance to try the toilet in the sky.

1st day – Labuan Island

We reached Labuan on Thursday night. So all activities start on Friday morning. And shopping was on the top of the list especially when we are in a place like Labuan. Labuan is a free tax zone. So things like liqueur, cigarette and chocolate are all very cheap.

If you go anywhere you see people selling liqueur and cigarette.

Shop selling all kinds of liquer

If not liqueur and cigarette, then chocolate.


We visited the marine park on the first day. The park was very new and not much marine life can be seen.


And then we visit the bird park. First time taking picture with a parrot in my hand.


2nd day – Pulau Kuraman

On the 2nd day, we took a speed boat and went to a small island called Pulau Kuraman not far away from Labuan.


We swim, we snorkel and we sunbath sunburned.


During sunset, we walk around the beach and take pictures.


I love this picture so much.

Suddenly I saw a rainbow across the sky. It was so beautiful so I quickly ask everyone to come and take picture with the rainbow.


At night, we had a BBQ party. And we bought 2 lobsters from the resort caught fresh that morning for RM60. First time having lobster. It tastes just like prawn but the texture feels more like chicken.


3rd day – Goodbye Labuan

I was waken by Okui around 6 o’clock in the morning to see the sunrise.

Listening to the soft wave hitting the shore and looking at the golden sky slowly turns blue, it was so peaceful and calming.


A trip is still a trip. It has to end somehow. We packed our things and head to the airport.

The flight back to KL was more exciting because the weather is very good and I was able to look at the sceneries all the way, for 2 and a half hours.


During the flight, I ordered this nasi lemak and Nescafe which cost me freaking RM8 and RM4 respectively. Luckily the taste was still ok or else I will have to accidentally spill the coffee on the chair and unintentionally drop the nasi lemak on the floor.


Overall, it was a good trip. I’ve tried many things for the first time. Hopefully I can save enough money so that I can go to Bali or Phuket in the near future.

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  1. Oooo~~~ nice~~ that place is nice leh!!

    hehe… wah~~~ dennis u so fit, & ur “bb” so big.. lolz ^^

  2. Yeah the place is quite nice but the resort we are staying sucks…

    What “bb”??? Boob???

    Wei… that’s call chest ok… or you can call it pectorial… but not boob please…

  3. Yesh! Labuan will be my next next target.
    First…let’s save up for BALI and Thailand[:D]

  4. sean sean

    haha…boobs ==”’

    I love the sunset picture, rainbow…clouds…t3xture…

  5. Lobsters look so nice~

  6. @kopiais
    Yeah… lets go Bali and Thailand!!!

    I love the sunset pictures also… but why have to put so many ???????????????? at the end of ur msg????????????????

    Lobsters are nice, but very high cholesterol wor… u going Bali on May right… so jealous…

  7. sean sean

    those are Chinese characters….
    cannot be displayed 🙁

  8. Dan Dan

    Bali Rockz!!!!

    lets go Bali 🙂

  9. kenneth kenneth

    I am here in Labuan. Must be the wrong Labuan, cannot find any lobsters in your picture. Hei hei, sure you take the pictures from labuan?

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