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Dining out

It’s all about food… and who I was eating with…



Meet Kevin. My housemate and colleague.


And meet Korean BBQ in Bandar Puteri.

We got complimentary fruits and steam egg plus 20% discount on the pork. So nice.


I love Kimchi. Feel very healthy after eating it.



Meet Okui and Cheng Lam. My best friends.

It was Cheng Lam’s birthday.

Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to you…
Happy birthday to Cheng Lam…
Happy birthday to you…


And meet Seoul Garden (Korean BBQ again) in One Utama’s New New New Wing (lost count of how many new’s).

We got 50% discount for the birthday boy and RM5 discount for each of us because they are newly open.

After that Cheng Lam and I went to watch Spiderwick at GSC and got 100% discount for both of us because it was our birthday month.



Meet Sean. He used to be my Chinese flute teacher a year ago but he had to stop the class to fully concentrate on his thesis.


And meet Extra Hot Peri-peri Chicken at Nando’s. She is a bit shy but she is hot! Extra hot! It’s even hotter with the Extra Hot Peri-peri sauce!

To tell the truth, it wasn’t very spicy for me. They should come out with something like Extreme Hot Peri-peri Chicken or Ultimate Hot Peri-peri Chicken… Hot and Spicy Edition with Super Hot Peri-peri Addon.

P/S: What is peri-peri by the way???

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  1. sean sean

    Peri-Peri Marinade

    The words Pili-Pili, Piri-Piri, and Peri-Peri all are used to refer to hot chile peppers, sauces and marinades made from them, and foods cooked with those sauces and marinades. This spicy hot marinade can be used on any meat you grill or broil: chicken, shrimp or prawns, beef, etc. In Africa, spicy meat brochettes are often-seen street food.
    Nando’s, the Portuguese-themed chicken restaurant originated in South Africa from Portuguese who left Mozambique after the independence in 1975. The chain uses piri-piri in many of its dishes, and helped popularise them worldwide. The company, however, prefers the common South African spelling peri peri on its menus and branded sauces.

  2. Wah… so many history behind the peri-peri… no wonder so nice…

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