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Once upon a time in a King­dom far far away, there lived a happy lit­tle boy named Den who works in the cas­tle as a web designer. He was a very good boy with a big heart for cre­at­ing good websites.

One day, Den had a din­ner date with his friends and thus he asked for per­mis­sion to leave on time at 5 PM. But the min­is­ter did not allow him to do so and asked him to talk to the prince. Even before Den can talk to the prince, the min­is­ter for­warded a sms orig­i­nally sent by the prince to Den that night.

Min­is­ter, focus on ** with Den but over­see the *** project. Get Kev to focus on the *** project. Get the *********** site done asap.Both Den and Kev must work faster as new projects r coming.Pls inform the guys that they will need 2 stay up late.No EXCUSES!

The moment Den got the sms, he felt sad and at the same time help­less. Because what­ever he was doing has not be seen by the prince and the worst part is, he has to stay up late every­day and slowly los­ing his own per­sonal time.

The thoughts keep won­der­ing in his mind that night. The next morn­ing, he decided to sent the prince an email to express what he felt.

Dear prince,

I’ve got your mes­sage yes­ter­day. I under­stand it’s not easy for you to han­dle so many things at once plus the pres­sure you are get­ting from the king.

But I just want you to know that the team has been work­ing hard to fin­ish all the projects. We have a good team here but we need more time to brush up everyone’s skills before we can move into the fast lane.

I will always give my best in every project that’s no doubt. But I also believe that forc­ing is not the best way of doing things com­pare to proper plan­ning and time management.

While wait­ing for a reply from the prince, Den went through the sms again and sud­denly, he noticed some­thing is not right! In the 1st half sms, the prince uses “to” but in the rest of the sms, he changed to “2”. And while he looked care­fully, the 2nd half con­sists of a lot of short forms which the prince sel­dom use pre­vi­ously. He then viewed back other old sms’s and com­pare the writ­ing style. And what he found out was, the mes­sage has been altered by the min­is­ter start­ing from “Both Den and Kev must work faster…”

Not long after that, the prince replied with full of sur­prises. He then looked for Den to find out what was really going on. After com­par­ing sms he sent and the sms Den received, the truth has finally been brought into daylight.

Den apol­o­gised for mak­ing false accu­sa­tions too quickly. The prince smiled while get­ting onto the back of his ride and not long after that dis­ap­peared into the sun­set on his speed­ing horse.

The morale of the story is, please be eth­i­cal while for­ward­ing sms’s.


This post is about Life

This post has 10 comments


CommentNo. 1

Max5 April 20081:36 AM

prince like very suay hor~

CommentNo. 2

Max5 April 20081:36 AM

Sorry… wrong per­son. Not prince. But Minister 😛

CommentNo. 3

batman5 April 20082:18 AM

later i write a chi­nese ver­sion one on this story…

CommentNo. 4

daijiaoking5 April 20088:53 AM

hmm… we need 2 b care­ful the “smile face tiger” (read it in can­tonese)… coz u dun even knw when the min­is­ter will stab u at the back…

CommentNo. 5

kopiais5 April 20089:11 AM

haha­haha i just cant stop laugh­ing… =))
i won­der if the min­is­ter know the tale yet… he must be still very pei seh muahahaha

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis5 April 20089:29 AM

A friend of mine said he thought that the story was going to tan­gle between the prince and the king, but who knows at the end, the min­is­ter became the lead­ing actor.

So the award goes to.….. the minister!!!

CommentNo. 7

kevin5 April 20089:31 AM

Why the story got lead actors only…why no KEV one~~~

CommentNo. 8

ahzenn5 April 20089:42 AM

hahaha… i love this scene.. ‘The prince smiled while get­ting onto the back of his ride and not long after that dis­ap­peared into the sun­set on his speed­ing horse.’

CommentNo. 9

jackfright5 April 20083:11 PM

…and do you know WHY the prince sped away into the sun­set on his horse?
TO FIND A HOT CHICK THAT MAY (or may not, we’ll see) ONE DAY BE HIS GF!

hmm. my cre­ative writ­ing skills are some­what lacking…

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis5 April 20086:36 PM

“keh leh feh” don’t need to men­tion 1…

You always love this kind of prince thingy 1 lah…

Hope the prince fround a hot princess and live hap­pily ever after… hahaha…

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