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A tale of the dark age

Once upon a time in a Kingdom far far away, there lived a happy little boy named Den who works in the castle as a web designer. He was a very good boy with a big heart for creating good websites.

One day, Den had a dinner date with his friends and thus he asked for permission to leave on time at 5 PM. But the minister did not allow him to do so and asked him to talk to the prince. Even before Den can talk to the prince, the minister forwarded a sms originally sent by the prince to Den that night.

Minister, focus on ** with Den but oversee the *** project. Get Kev to focus on the *** project. Get the *********** site done asap.Both Den and Kev must work faster as new projects r coming.Pls inform the guys that they will need 2 stay up late.No EXCUSES!

The moment Den got the sms, he felt sad and at the same time helpless. Because whatever he was doing has not be seen by the prince and the worst part is, he has to stay up late everyday and slowly losing his own personal time.

The thoughts keep wondering in his mind that night. The next morning, he decided to sent the prince an email to express what he felt.

Dear prince,

I’ve got your message yesterday. I understand it’s not easy for you to handle so many things at once plus the pressure you are getting from the king.

But I just want you to know that the team has been working hard to finish all the projects. We have a good team here but we need more time to brush up everyone’s skills before we can move into the fast lane.

I will always give my best in every project that’s no doubt. But I also believe that forcing is not the best way of doing things compare to proper planning and time management.

While waiting for a reply from the prince, Den went through the sms again and suddenly, he noticed something is not right! In the 1st half sms, the prince uses “to” but in the rest of the sms, he changed to “2”. And while he looked carefully, the 2nd half consists of a lot of short forms which the prince seldom use previously. He then viewed back other old sms’s and compare the writing style. And what he found out was, the message has been altered by the minister starting from “Both Den and Kev must work faster…”

Not long after that, the prince replied with full of surprises. He then looked for Den to find out what was really going on. After comparing sms he sent and the sms Den received, the truth has finally been brought into daylight.

Den apologised for making false accusations too quickly. The prince smiled while getting onto the back of his ride and not long after that disappeared into the sunset on his speeding horse.

The morale of the story is, please be ethical while forwarding sms’s.

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  1. Max Max

    prince like very suay hor~

  2. Max Max

    Sorry… wrong person. Not prince. But Minister 😛

  3. batman batman

    later i write a chinese version one on this story…

  4. hmm… we need 2 b careful the “smile face tiger” (read it in cantonese)… coz u dun even knw when the minister will stab u at the back…

  5. hahahaha i just cant stop laughing… =))
    i wonder if the minister know the tale yet… he must be still very pei seh muahahaha

  6. A friend of mine said he thought that the story was going to tangle between the prince and the king, but who knows at the end, the minister became the leading actor.

    So the award goes to…… the minister!!!

  7. OOooOhhh……
    Why the story got lead actors only…why no KEV one~~~

  8. hahaha… i love this scene.. ‘The prince smiled while getting onto the back of his ride and not long after that disappeared into the sunset on his speeding horse.’

  9. jackfright jackfright

    …and do you know WHY the prince sped away into the sunset on his horse?
    TO FIND A HOT CHICK THAT MAY (or may not, we’ll see) ONE DAY BE HIS GF!

    hmm. my creative writing skills are somewhat lacking…

  10. @Kevin
    “keh leh feh” don’t need to mention 1…

    You always love this kind of prince thingy 1 lah…

    Hope the prince fround a hot princess and live happily ever after… hahaha…

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