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We went to karaoke again. But this time no more Neway it was Red­box at The Curve.


This time we had a spe­cial pur­pose, which is to farewell Ah Max.


He has been assigned to go to Botswana to setup some kinda sys­tem thingy. Poor thing he has to go there alone and this is his first time tak­ing a flight.

When I’m writ­ing this, I guess he is in Sin­ga­pore wait­ing for the next flight straight to Johan­nes­burg non-stop for 10 hours. then tak­ing another flight from there to Botswana for 2 hours.

Hope he still can make it back to Malaysia.


The K ses­sion was very nice. We sang until 2 some­thing in the morning.

The food is not as nice as Neway but the price is quite com­pet­i­tive for the pack­age we were taking.


The staff at Red­box organ­ised a game which was throw­ing rings into a cone. And Jenn Ting won us a jug of beer.

Sing songs, drink beer, eat buf­fet and play truth or dare. It was a crazy night.

PS: All the best to Ah Max and wish him safe trip.

PPS: I “bor­rowed” last 2 pic­tures from Zenn’s blog.


This post is about Life

This post has 2 comments


CommentNo. 1

Max19 April 20083:48 PM

Ya i’m still alive [u_u]

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis19 April 20088:11 PM

Glad to know you are still alive… hahaha…

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