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Few days ago, I actu­ally paid some­one 63 bucks to let her touch me all over my body for an hour.

What I am talk­ing about is mas­sage, a full body mas­sage. Went to Ban­dar Put­eri to look for mas­sage with one of my best friends. So now I can offi­cially cross another item on my things-i-never-did-before list on my About page.

I was a lit­tle excited when I got into the room with so many com­part­ments sep­a­rated by can­vas blinds.

The atmos­phere was very dim and quiet. The room looks like a Japan­ese restau­rant. There are raised floors with a very big and com­fo­rat­ble bed in each and every compartments.

2 girls from Main­land China accom­pa­nied us to our com­part­ments. Then they asked us to take off our cloths and lie on the bed. And then the mas­sage begins.

The sequence goes like this.

Fac­ing up

  1. Face
  2. Scalp
  3. Shoul­der
  4. Chest
  5. Stom­ach
  6. Arms
  7. Legs

Fac­ing down

  1. Upper back
  2. Waist
  3. Tight
  4. Butt

Time really flies espe­cially dur­ing happy hours. Before I realise, an hour has passed and it’s time to go home. It was a good expe­ri­ence. Kind of relax­ing, calm­ing and syok.

10 out of 10 friends will ask me the same ques­tion when I tell them I went for full body mas­sage. All they wanted to know is did they pro­vide “extra service”?

No, no extra ser­vice or what­so­ever. It was a very healthy and nor­mal spa. What were you guys think­ing lah. How can I go to those “spe­cial” spa… when I not yet find out exactly where they are?


This post is about Life

This post has 2 comments


CommentNo. 1

kevin27 April 200811:01 AM

Mas­sage spa is healthy at first,
but dunno why slowly slowly turn into some­thing else…
any i think next time you should try out foot mas­sage instead..

PS: I know u wont go for foot massage

CommentNo. 2

sean28 April 20082:34 AM

by the way…foot mas­sage is good, you’ll feel the dif­fer­ence after sev­eral attempts.
jeez… enjoy, but some­how it does feel tickling.

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