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The balance of life

Today, I understand something important.

When you give too much to your work, you will lose something in return.

I’m saying this because I’m sick. I don’t mean I’m sick of work or what but literary and physically I’m sick. Haven’t been feeling that well since the day before Labour Day.

I believe it is because of long working hours, excessive use of brain, not enough sleep and lack of exercise which caused my immune system to drop to a dangerous level and at the end having a fever.

I know it’s a good thing because my body is fighting the virus and it tries to give me a hint by making me fever. Whoever that invented this hinting mechanism surely never had fever before. If I were to put in-charge of designing this whole mechanism thing, I will put a traffic-light-liked indicator maybe at some less obvious places for example under the feet. Green shows a healthy body while yellow means beware and red means dangerous. Like that no one ever have to surfer anymore.

Okay back to the topic. I have been taking tons of Chinese medicines since the day I felt something is not right. I don’t like to take western medicines because I don’t think it’s a good idea to let the antibiotic kills the viruses for me. I don’t know why but I just don’t like it. And the only reason I will go to the clinic is for the medical certificate (MC). Frankly, I will throw away the prescriptions the doctor gave me and I will go and get myself some Chinese medicines instead.

And what do all these have to do with balance? Nothing much related actually. It’s just that when I’m sick, I lose all the goodnesses in life and mentally become unbalance.

I can’t fully taste the sushi at Sakae Sushi last Wednesday.

Soft shell crab at Sakae Sushi

I can’t fully taste the ice cream fondue at Hagen Daze last Thursday.

Ice cream fondue at Hagen Daze

And the worst part is, just now I have to reject my friends to go shopping, movies, dinner and clubbin!!!

The morale of the story is, don’t fall sick during weekend and public holiday. A healthy body is far more important than anything else.

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  1. Sean Sean

    too bad~~~
    i was just recovered from sickness too…
    nothing greater than a healthy body.

  2. Wah… I thought you are very healthy one… never go to the gym already meh?

  3. chenglam chenglam

    it surprises me when okui told me u r sick, it means u really need to get some rest… forget all those work, shopping, cinema and clubbing… just get some rest. take care.

  4. Thanks for your concern. I’m not that sick actually. Still can walk around and blogging.

    Resting at home is the worst part of falling sick. Have to do more excercise soon.

    You take care too… especially your ear.

  5. John John

    western medicines is help you to recover in a short time but it possible will facing same problem again, Chinese medicines is using long time because it tune back your body and make your body more strong, so i also like chinese medicines… ^^

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