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I hate being sick

It has been quite some time since I fall sick last time. Come to think of it, this should be the first time I take M.C. and also the second time I go to the clinic.

It is a terrible experience especially when my family is not around. Dad can never diagnose me and mom can never wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me to take medicine.

Called my mom yesterday and she feels a bit worried after knowing that I’m not feeling well. I miss you mom and hope you had a great Mother’s Day.

Yesterday I went to The Curve and Ikea. Wasn’t feeling that well so my friends and I left earlier. Got home and took a shower than straight away sleep. When almost midnight, I woke up and I felt sick already.

So I went to a 24 hours clinic nearby and waited for almost 20 mins just to get myself registered. Waited another 20 mins until the nurse called my name.

Went into the room and saw an Indian guy doctor who speaks and acts very softly. Hmmm… not a very good first impression.

“So what’s wrong with you?”

“I think I’m having fever”

“Having cough?”





“Not yet.”

“Running nose?”


“What else?”

“Errr… headache and muscle pain.”

“Okay, leave up your shirt… higher… Okay, now turn around.”

The doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to my chest, stomach and back.

“Okay, now go and lie down on the bed. Losen your pant.”

I was like… what the? What the hell you want to do to me?

The doctor uses his hand to press my tummy, here and there.

Then the doctor said, “Sorry, do you mind?”

Without waiting for me to ansewr, the doctor straight away pull my pant all the way down and start pressing my lower tummy around my ‘brother’.

“Any discomfort?”

“Errr… err… nope…”

WTF!!! Letting an old guy who looks like a hamsap lou pull down my pant and press here and there and you were asking me any discomfort??? Absolutely yes lah!!! I feel like he wants to see my ‘brother’ more than he wants to diagnose me.

“Okay, now I need to help you to ejeculate to get some specimen of your semen.”

What kind of clinic is this???!!! Okay lah, there is no such kind of clinic that ask people to ejeculate, I made that up.

So after pressing my tummy all over, he says that’s all, thank you and please take care (which I feel extremely fake). The whole process took less than 10 mins.

I got 6 packs of medicine, for fever, for vomiting, for muscle relax, for morning flu, for night flu and antibiotic. RM50 altogether. Sigh…

6 packs of medicine

I always wanted to say this for a long long time, I don’t like clinics because the doctors and nurses are all very fake. The doctors pretend to be friendly and the nurses were so fierce. They ask you what’s wrong with you instead of telling you what’s wrong with you. They ask you this and that just for the sake of asking you this and that. They could have straight away ask you what medicine you want, and there you go and take the medicines from the counter. They never really want to cure people but selling drugs and earn money are more important to them.

I hate being sick.

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  1. Max Max

    I think the reason why they wanna press lower tummy is to see if we have constipation problem or not gua… if lower tummy is hard then they’ll ask you when was your last time you poop.

    “Standard procedure”

  2. He could have just ASK properly if I’m having constipation or not mar. How old already, I know when I’m having constipation 1.

    Some more how can diarrhea and constipation come together 1? It doesn’t make sense lor…

    I wonder if he is doing the same thing to girls.

  3. ahzenn ahzenn

    Yier… so terrible one… next time dun go that clinic le…

  4. Max Max

    I think he only do that to guys la… hehehe

  5. obviously, the doctor so hamsap. T_T” next time dun go that clinic le~

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