Top 10 criteria to be a workaholic

What makes a workaholic?

  1. You work 10 hours a day.
  2. You think your office computer is way better and faster than your home computer.
  3. You try very hard to forget about work by watching movies, reading magazines and chat with friends.
  4. You ask people how’s work when you chat with someone in msn.
  5. You surf the net at home and 50% of the time you are doing research for your work.
  6. You go to sleep very early so that you can wake up faster to go to work the next day.
  7. You wake up in the morning and the first thing you think about is things you want to do when you reach the office.
  8. You talk about your work and about your colleagues with all your friends.
  9. You talk about work with your housemate while at work, in the car, having dinner and at home.
  10. You have nothing much to talk about except your work.

If you met 40% of the above mentioned criteria, congratulation you are a potential workaholic. If you score 100%, bingo you deserved to be a workaholic.

An advice for you, find some personal time for yourself to make your life more meaningful and find sometime for exercise before you need to find sometime for sickness.


kopiais 30 May 2008

sh!t… i duwan le… >.<

John 30 May 2008

lucky i get not more than 3

daijiaoking 30 May 2008

oh yea! It’s really need some time to hv exercise!!

Dennis 30 May 2008

Welcome to life. Hahaha…

Izzit? I’m sure you got more than 5 lor.

Yeah… you need to gain some weight.

chenglam 30 May 2008

1 more…. u dream about ur work in ur sleep and u have nothing to dream except ur work… pathetic huh…

kopiais 30 May 2008

chenglam: I used to get up because I saw the solution for my works in the dream… X_x

K3VIN 31 May 2008

yupee! I score 70%

Dennis 31 May 2008

Awww Sophea… you are too over already…

You even work in your dreams!!! I crown you the Queen of all Workaholics.

max 31 May 2008

I’m safe 😛

Dan 2 June 2008

hmmmm poor me … all kena .. guess i missed one only ….

by the way, i will not think of work during the weekend 🙂

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