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I fall sick again. Two times in two months. What’s wrong with me?

This time I had a cold. Headache, feel­ing cold all the time, cough, mus­cle pain and run­ning nose.

Went to see doc­tor yes­ter­day, the same thing they said and I can already guess what kind of med­i­cine they were going to give me. Antibi­otics, cough syrup, for fever and for throat irritation.

After tak­ing the med­i­cine yes­ter­day night, I felt bet­ter this morn­ing when I woke up. But when I looked at the clock, it was already 9:15 am. Damn I was late for work.

I jump off the bed and went straight into the bath­room. When I was just about to start brush­ing my teeth, I felt like couldn’t catch my breath. I sat down on the toi­let and tried to breathe harder but it didn’t worked. I need to lie down for a moment. So I grabbed my towel and go back to my room as fast as I could. Once I step out the bath­room, I was blacked out and I couldn’t remem­ber what hap­pen after that.

When I opened my eyes, I was on the floor… naked. I didn’t man­aged to make it back to my bed instead I fainted right in the mid­dle of my room while pulling down my cloth rack together to the floor. The whole thing had already scared the shit out of Kevin when he saw this. He car­ried me back to my bed and lifted the rack back to its orig­i­nal posi­tion. He asked me what hap­pened and I said I felt dizzy and fainted. Then he went to make me a cup of oat­meal drink. Thank you for tak­ing care of me every time I fall sick.

I hit my left fore­head on the floor and it is still pain right now. I guess what hap­pened was when I jump off the bed too sud­den and the blood couldn’t reach the brain thus result­ing in a black­out sit­u­a­tion. Kevin said it was the scari­est scene of the cen­tury.

Sigh, the sick sea­son is com­ing, please take care of your­self. Drink more water and do more exercises.


This post is about Life

This post has 4 comments


CommentNo. 1

K3VIN18 June 20084:35 PM

pity baby… I never had this sit­u­a­tion b4, altho I blacked out b4, but I never seen ppl blacked out.. Thanks for givin the oppor­tu­nity to expe­ri­ence it…hahaha

CommentNo. 2

kopiais18 June 20085:12 PM

hmmm interesting…u fainted and naked… lolz
r u sure u ok? any sign of sex assault­ing? hahahha
take care lo…so big boy already~~~

CommentNo. 3

ahzenn18 June 20087:04 PM

So pity den­nis~ take care ya~

CommentNo. 4

Dan19 June 20084:53 PM

dude, remem­ber our class­mate ping huai who used to be my room­mate dur­ing col­lege time? he used to black­out in the toi­let …more­over, u are con­sider lucky as never fall in the washroom.

well, ur mar­ket value dropped already … since Kevin saw you naked 😛

any­way, Change Chew is back in town. most prob­a­bly will be hav­ing din­ner with Jae, Eric, Wendy and Jenny Next week .… buzz me if u want to join :)

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