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Had an expen­sive week­end again. It has becom­ing a new lifestyle already. Work very hard dur­ing week­days, then have lots of plans dur­ing week­ends. At the end, spend a lot of money.

Sat­ur­day, after work, went to Sun­way Pyra­mid with Sophea and met Okui and Cheng Lam. Cut our hair at APT Salon.

Then had our lunch at Wendy’s. First time hav­ing Wendy’s. Taste as good as Burger King.

Then met up with Kah­wai, Kevin and Ryan at Sushi Zan­mai. First time hav­ing Sushi Zan­mai. Taste as good as Sakae Sushi.

I had this Salmon Don. Superb.

Sophea ordered this Salmon Salad. Superb.

Don’t know who ordered this. Superb.

Sophea tak­ing pic­ture of my Chawanmushi.

Then we went to watch the movie Get Smart. Super funny.

After the movie, went to have a drink at TGI Friday’s with Okui, Sophea and Kah­wai. I ordered this Friday’s Ulti­mate Mar­garita. Super big.

Sun­day!!! Went to this long waited The Beauty and the Beast Broad­way Musi­cals together with Sophea, Jen­nt­ing, Kevin and Ryan at Kuala Lumpur Con­ven­tion Cen­tre. Our seats were sooo far away from the stage and there were sooo many kids around us. Sooo regret never buy the more expen­sive tickets.

The broad­way musi­cals was sooo awe­some. Every­one loves it very much. The songs, the acts and the stage are sim­ply the best. I love all the scenes and I can still remem­ber them clearly.

So that was my week­end basi­cally, a very expen­sive one but at the same time substantial.


This post is about Life

This post has 6 comments


CommentNo. 1

Kevin1 July 200810:23 AM

Mayb this buy­ing a les­son for us, not to buy cheap tick­ets if the musi­cal is very famous…

CommentNo. 2

chenglam1 July 200811:28 PM

cant u put other bet­ter photo of mine? the photo seems weird la.…

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis1 July 200811:52 PM

Yalor… such a waste…

I shot only 1 pic­ture of you leh… weird meh??? No lar… don’t think too much

CommentNo. 4

kopiais2 July 200810:37 AM

that don’t-know-who-ordered-this, is ordered by me and kah­wai… and yes they are superb *drolling*

beau­tyyyyyy and­ddd the beasssssssssssssttttttttttt.…. kekeke

CommentNo. 5

smashpOp4 July 200812:03 PM

walao ur hair

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis4 July 20089:20 PM

My hair??? I’m not in any of those pic­tures wor…

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