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Expensive weekend again

Had an expensive weekend again. It has becoming a new lifestyle already. Work very hard during weekdays, then have lots of plans during weekends. At the end, spend a lot of money.

Saturday, after work, went to Sunway Pyramid with Sophea and met Okui and Cheng Lam. Cut our hair at APT Salon.

Then had our lunch at Wendy’s. First time having Wendy’s. Taste as good as Burger King.

Then met up with Kahwai, Kevin and Ryan at Sushi Zanmai. First time having Sushi Zanmai. Taste as good as Sakae Sushi.

I had this Salmon Don. Superb.

Sophea ordered this Salmon Salad. Superb.

Don’t know who ordered this. Superb.

Sophea taking picture of my Chawanmushi.

Then we went to watch the movie Get Smart. Super funny.

After the movie, went to have a drink at TGI Friday’s with Okui, Sophea and Kahwai. I ordered this Friday’s Ultimate Margarita. Super big.

Sunday!!! Went to this long waited The Beauty and the Beast Broadway Musicals together with Sophea, Jennting, Kevin and Ryan at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Our seats were sooo far away from the stage and there were sooo many kids around us. Sooo regret never buy the more expensive tickets.

The broadway musicals was sooo awesome. Everyone loves it very much. The songs, the acts and the stage are simply the best. I love all the scenes and I can still remember them clearly.

So that was my weekend basically, a very expensive one but at the same time substantial.

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  1. Mayb this buying a lesson for us, not to buy cheap tickets if the musical is very famous…

  2. chenglam chenglam

    cant u put other better photo of mine? the photo seems weird la….

  3. @Kevin
    Yalor… such a waste…

    I shot only 1 picture of you leh… weird meh??? No lar… don’t think too much

  4. that don’t-know-who-ordered-this, is ordered by me and kahwai… and yes they are superb *drolling*

    beautyyyyyy andddd the beasssssssssssssttttttttttt….. kekeke

  5. @smashpOp
    My hair??? I’m not in any of those pictures wor…

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