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How to become a boss that everybody hates

Disclaimer: This guide is purely hypothetical, if similar, it is purely coincidental. These actions are highly dangerous, kids are not encouraged to imitate.

This is a guide to teach you how to be a boss that everybody hates. It is not easy to follow. But if you can fulfill all criteria, in no time everyone in the office will hate you more than ever before.

  1. Slam the table very hard out of a sudden and scare everyone in the office.
  2. Force your subordinates to come to work on time and work extra hours everyday.
  3. When your subordinates come late to work, scold them kao kao and when you come late to work, pretend to be very busy with work.
  4. Your subordinates cannot be late and you can be late for 4 hours because of over slept.
  5. Use extremely low voice to talk over the phone and slam the phone after the conversation.
  6. Show off your fatty body to your subordinates and teach them how to use a dumbbell. When necessary, you can ask them to touch and feel your bicep “muscle”.
  7. Pretend to know everything and keep repeating “I know I know I know” before your subordinates can finish his or her sentence, throughout the conversation.
  8. Giving instructions like “make whatever whatever whatever changes” and expect your subordinates to understand what it means.
  9. Ask your subordinates to walk few hundred meters all the way to the other side of the building just to help you carry a laptop while you carry 2 books in your hand.
  10. Modify the SMS sent by your superior and forward to all your subordinates so that they think the order is given by the big boss.
  11. Ultimately, you can sleep in the office, right at your desk, openly, while your subordinates work tirelessly to finish the works.

P/S: Kevin designed a cheatsheet poster that comes in handy when you need to have a quick reference on the characteristics of a cocky boss.

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  1. pretty amazing that you have this kind of idea about being this kind of cocky boss.. I think you should learn so that people will respect more

  2. chenglam chenglam

    well sometimes it’s not a bad idea to have a cocky boss, 1st u will work harder and always be careful so that ur cocky boss doesn’t hv a chance to scold or criticize u and 2nd u guys will never short of gossip in ur office… haha.

  3. pluedin pluedin

    hhahaha! Cool shit dood! no.6 is super funny. haha

  4. now i know what’s that cloud tag words all about lolz

  5. max max

    sound familiar hor?

  6. jiao jiao king jiao jiao king

    hahahaha i knw i knw…. i hv the same boss oso.

  7. Dan Dan

    wow .. glad and proud to shout out loud that ……………LUCKILY MY BOSS ISNT AS BAD AS URS!!!

  8. okui okui

    Dun like that, at least he “try his best” to “help” u all to get the increament. Hahahaha!

  9. batman batman

    nearly a week away from work place…
    quite miss the i know i know and whatever whatever…

  10. emike81 emike81

    Well, no one is perfect and i hope you can learn from these mistakes to become an exemplary boss in the future! Don’t forget to add number 12 to the list above or create a new post for insincere/hypocrite/two-faced people. If you do not appreciate your boss do not speculate behind his back when he tried his best to help you to receive a very good increment! Once again, no one is perfect…so think about it! hahaha

  11. Chill…Brothers…understanding each other is the way to live our life together gather GAYLY.

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