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It has become a hab­bit that every week I’ll blog about what I did over the weekend.

The more I blog about these mate­ri­al­is­tic week­ends, the less I write about what I think and how I feel.

Post­ing all those pic­tures of things I did and places I’ve been aren’t going to make peo­ple under­stand me more. And I always believe that words stay in the mem­ory longer than pic­tures. But of course pic­tures are more inter­est­ing than words.

Who cares. I’m going to do it any­way. So here it is, the week­end report of the week.

Fri­day, went to Zouk for the launch­ing of Onitzuka Tiger.

KLCC view from Zouk

With Kah Wai and Jolene.

With Kah Wai and Jolene at Zouk

Onitzuka Tiger launch at Zouk

Couldn’t find a good spot so have to stand beside the stage. Too bad they don’t serve free flow drinks. So we went back at 12AM because noth­ing much to do.

And I shot this pic­ture while on the way back.

KLCC Twin Towers with moon

Sat­ur­day night. Went for din­ner at La Bodega, Pavilion.

La Bodega menu

La Bodega Bar

With Ted and Jenn. Both of them keep doing exer­cise (because of pres­sure from each other) and now they are so slim. Jealousnya…



La Bodega serves very nice Mex­i­can food. Too bad the ambiance very dark and I couldn’t take any good shot of the food.

I ordered this drink.

Lemon Lime Bitter

It’s lemon juice + lime juice + a lit­tle alchohol. Very nice.

La Bodega Tapas

This so called Tapas thingy is some­thing like side dishes to eat with the bread. Very very nice.

La Bodega desert

That’s the desert, ice cream, puff and some sauce. Not that nice.

Sun­day is as usual, went to 1U for movie with Kah Wai, Okui and OBK (Suprise suprise, he joined us). Watched a Japan­ese movie called Four­teen. Intro­duced by Kah Wai. It’s an inde­pen­dent film and it’s a story about the revenge psy­chol­ogy of fourteen-year-old teenagers. It turned out to be quite good but Okui and OBK got bored because the movie is very sub­jec­tive and it has no back­ground music or sound effect at all.

P/S: Oh, not for­get­ing to men­tion about my car. The igni­tion coil spoiled and I had to change the whole damn thing for freak­ing RM800!!!


This post is about Life

This post has 5 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais21 July 20088:51 AM

you hav­ing more and more expen­sive weeknd hahahaha

CommentNo. 2

K3VIN21 July 200810:17 AM

YOYO… Nice week­end… with nice food… so sad for ur car…haha

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis21 July 200810:37 AM

This week not very expen­sive lah… spent around 60 bucks only. But the 800 bucks… :~(

Yeah… nice week­end… national car mar… what to do…

CommentNo. 4

Ervin23 July 20082:24 PM

The food dec­o­ra­tion is pretty nice. Oh year, I went to 1U on sun­day as well, but didn’t meet three of you.

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