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Weekend report

It has become a habbit that every week I’ll blog about what I did over the weekend.

The more I blog about these materialistic weekends, the less I write about what I think and how I feel.

Posting all those pictures of things I did and places I’ve been aren’t going to make people understand me more. And I always believe that words stay in the memory longer than pictures. But of course pictures are more interesting than words.

Who cares. I’m going to do it anyway. So here it is, the weekend report of the week.

Friday, went to Zouk for the launching of Onitzuka Tiger.

KLCC view from Zouk

With Kah Wai and Jolene.

With Kah Wai and Jolene at Zouk

Onitzuka Tiger launch at Zouk

Couldn’t find a good spot so have to stand beside the stage. Too bad they don’t serve free flow drinks. So we went back at 12AM because nothing much to do.

And I shot this picture while on the way back.

KLCC Twin Towers with moon

Saturday night. Went for dinner at La Bodega, Pavilion.

La Bodega menu

La Bodega Bar

With Ted and Jenn. Both of them keep doing exercise (because of pressure from each other) and now they are so slim. Jealousnya…



La Bodega serves very nice Mexican food. Too bad the ambiance very dark and I couldn’t take any good shot of the food.

I ordered this drink.

Lemon Lime Bitter

It’s lemon juice + lime juice + a little alchohol. Very nice.

La Bodega Tapas

This so called Tapas thingy is something like side dishes to eat with the bread. Very very nice.

La Bodega desert

That’s the desert, ice cream, puff and some sauce. Not that nice.

Sunday is as usual, went to 1U for movie with Kah Wai, Okui and OBK (Suprise suprise, he joined us). Watched a Japanese movie called Fourteen. Introduced by Kah Wai. It’s an independent film and it’s a story about the revenge psychology of fourteen-year-old teenagers. It turned out to be quite good but Okui and OBK got bored because the movie is very subjective and it has no background music or sound effect at all.

P/S: Oh, not forgeting to mention about my car. The ignition coil spoiled and I had to change the whole damn thing for freaking RM800!!!

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  1. you having more and more expensive weeknd hahahaha

  2. YOYO… Nice weekend… with nice food… so sad for ur car…haha

  3. @kopiais
    This week not very expensive lah… spent around 60 bucks only. But the 800 bucks… :~(

    Yeah… nice weekend… national car mar… what to do…

  4. The food decoration is pretty nice. Oh year, I went to 1U on sunday as well, but didn’t meet three of you.

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