Borodin Quartet at Petronas Philharmonic Hall

The new season of orchestra is coming. I’m planning to go for the performance on 17 August 2008.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here even if I have spoken to you personally. It’s easier for me to count the heads.


Ervin 24 July 2008

I am music idiot. 😛

Dennis 24 July 2008

Don’t say that. Maybe you not yet discover the interest only. So? Wanna join us for discovery?

Ervin 25 July 2008

😛 I shall join you in another time.

kopiais 31 July 2008

I’m IN!!

p.s. remember the Piano version is .A.M.U.S.T.

Dennis 31 July 2008

WHAT???!!! Now only got people reply. I thought of going alone already tim…

Who else??? 2 more weeks only leh…

Sean 1 August 2008

too bad………..i have tight schedule.

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