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Some ran­dom thoughts on my mind currently.

Just came back from my flute prac­tice. It was the 3rd class since I started the les­son last Wednes­day. It feels good while I was on the way to the music school. Because I know some­thing is wait­ing for me to achieve. And every step I take will bring me closer to a big­ger achievement.

Isn’t life is the same? Life with­out pur­pose is dif­fi­cult to live. “But have you found your pur­pose in your life?” you may ask. I’m sorry to say that, NOPE. I’m still search­ing for it. Hope I will find it soon.

My flute class is on every Wednes­day. And the day before that Kah Wai asked me to go for an inter­na­tional screen­ing at Pavil­ion. But at the same time, I need to prac­tice before I go for my flute class. So I was forced to make a choice. At the end I have to turn Kah Wai down.

If I decided to go for the movie, I will upset my teacher because he will know that I didn’t prac­tice. If I didn’t go for the movie, I will upset Kah Wai as she wanted to go so badly. No mat­ter which one I choose, I gain some­thing and I lose something.

I guess life is the same, you can’t have every­thing at the same time. It’s just like mak­ing 2 glasses of water out of a sin­gle glass. Each will get only half.

Enough about life. Let’s talk about a prob­lem most of us are fac­ing, weight con­trol. At this crit­i­cal age plus my lifestyle plus my work­ing habits, it’s not dif­fi­cult to gain an inch or two under my waist. And when I say it’s not dif­fi­cult, I really mean it.

It takes a lot of time and deter­mi­na­tion to keep in shape. And once you are off the track for even the slight­est period of time, you are back to ground zero.

Today, I was hav­ing argu­ments with Kevin (on the way going home) and Cheng Lam (over msn) at the same day. I was being sar­cas­tic all the time. I guess I just can’t speak out what was really on my mind. And I will keep say­ing some­thing I didn’t really mean it and most of the time that makes the con­ver­sa­tion worst.

Maybe the prob­lem is not about the con­text but about my mind­set. Any­way, I’m learn­ing how to stop being sar­cas­tic. I’m sorry to Kevin and Cheng Lam if I was over reacted.


This post is about Life

This post has 8 comments


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K3VIN24 July 200810:00 AM

did i said that con­ver­sa­tion is an arguement?

CommentNo. 2

Ervin24 July 20085:10 PM

flute class? what is that?

Yeah, I got a big tummy now. I hope you are not the sec­ond one fol­low me.

You seem like got many things to think about on your life. Take it easy! But I know some­time can­not be that easy.

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis24 July 20086:40 PM

A dis­cus­sion involv­ing dif­fer­ing points of view.

Flute as in Chi­nese Flute. Or in Man­darin it’s called Dizi. A musi­cal instru­ment made from bam­boo with holes on it that we use our mouth to blow in the air which vibrates from within and pro­duces sound.

Did I made this post sounds very sad? Every­one keep say­ing take it easy. No I’m ok I’m cool. Those are just ran­dom thoughts. Noth­ing serious.

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chenglam25 July 200812:20 AM

well, dont push too hard on urself…frankly, i din feel any sar­casm in ur words… none taken. i did feel sorry too if i made u feel bad. i would say it was a lit­tle bit dis­agree­ment and i tot hav­ing dis­agree­ment between peo­ple are some­times nor­mal. it makes us under­stand each other better.

CommentNo. 5

Ling6 August 20082:01 PM

Hi, I was look­ing for places to learn flute and I found your blog and know­ing that you are learn­ing flute. would you mind telling where is your music school, as I really have no idea where should i go.


Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis6 August 20084:14 PM

Hi Ling, my music school is located in PJ SS2. The hous­ing area oppo­site KDU. You can go to their web­site at to find out the location.

CommentNo. 7

Ling6 August 20084:28 PM


CommentNo. 8

Aki29 August 200911:38 PM

hmmm..its not exactly a comment..i just wanna ask u more about the flute class..i’ve recently took an inter­est in flute..
so i want to know or maybe have some sug­ges­tion from u about the flute class..

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