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Random thoughts

Some random thoughts on my mind currently.

Just came back from my flute practice. It was the 3rd class since I started the lesson last Wednesday. It feels good while I was on the way to the music school. Because I know something is waiting for me to achieve. And every step I take will bring me closer to a bigger achievement.

Isn’t life is the same? Life without purpose is difficult to live. “But have you found your purpose in your life?” you may ask. I’m sorry to say that, NOPE. I’m still searching for it. Hope I will find it soon.

My flute class is on every Wednesday. And the day before that Kah Wai asked me to go for an international screening at Pavilion. But at the same time, I need to practice before I go for my flute class. So I was forced to make a choice. At the end I have to turn Kah Wai down.

If I decided to go for the movie, I will upset my teacher because he will know that I didn’t practice. If I didn’t go for the movie, I will upset Kah Wai as she wanted to go so badly. No matter which one I choose, I gain something and I lose something.

I guess life is the same, you can’t have everything at the same time. It’s just like making 2 glasses of water out of a single glass. Each will get only half.

Enough about life. Let’s talk about a problem most of us are facing, weight control. At this critical age plus my lifestyle plus my working habits, it’s not difficult to gain an inch or two under my waist. And when I say it’s not difficult, I really mean it.

It takes a lot of time and determination to keep in shape. And once you are off the track for even the slightest period of time, you are back to ground zero.

Today, I was having arguments with Kevin (on the way going home) and Cheng Lam (over msn) at the same day. I was being sarcastic all the time. I guess I just can’t speak out what was really on my mind. And I will keep saying something I didn’t really mean it and most of the time that makes the conversation worst.

Maybe the problem is not about the context but about my mindset. Anyway, I’m learning how to stop being sarcastic. I’m sorry to Kevin and Cheng Lam if I was over reacted.

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  1. did i said that conversation is an arguement?

  2. flute class? what is that?

    Yeah, I got a big tummy now. I hope you are not the second one follow me.

    You seem like got many things to think about on your life. Take it easy! But I know sometime cannot be that easy.

  3. @K3VIN
    A discussion involving differing points of view.

    Flute as in Chinese Flute. Or in Mandarin it’s called Dizi. A musical instrument made from bamboo with holes on it that we use our mouth to blow in the air which vibrates from within and produces sound.

    Did I made this post sounds very sad? Everyone keep saying take it easy. No I’m ok I’m cool. Those are just random thoughts. Nothing serious.

  4. chenglam chenglam

    well, dont push too hard on urself…frankly, i din feel any sarcasm in ur words… none taken. i did feel sorry too if i made u feel bad. i would say it was a little bit disagreement and i tot having disagreement between people are sometimes normal. it makes us understand each other better.

  5. Ling Ling

    Hi, I was looking for places to learn flute and I found your blog and knowing that you are learning flute. would you mind telling where is your music school, as I really have no idea where should i go.


  6. Hi Ling, my music school is located in PJ SS2. The housing area opposite KDU. You can go to their website at to find out the location.

  7. Ling Ling


  8. Aki Aki

    hmmm..its not exactly a comment..i just wanna ask u more about the flute class..i’ve recently took an interest in flute..
    so i want to know or maybe have some suggestion from u about the flute class..

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