Can’t wait to get an iMac


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I can’t wait to get an iMac!!!

I have been dreaming to own a Mac ever since I was young. The urge is strong all this while but back in time, I can’t afford to buy one.

The desire is growing stronger and stronger these days. Especially recently, I started to feel like I have already possessed one and I can relate anything with it. When I’m working on a picture gallery, I think of iPhoto. When I see a graph on a website, I think of iWorks. I even started to imagine my mouse in the office is a Mighty Mouse!

“It is time”, I’m telling myself.

Although many people keep telling me bad things about iMac such as software compatibility and portability. But all I know is, I’m getting one no matter how. And I will get the 24 inch iMac by next month.

I hope nothing stops me from doing so.


This post is about Life

This post has 7 comments


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K3VIN31 July 200812:57 AM

no one will stop you until you, I wish to own one too.. by this year not this month…hahaha….who cares about how bad it is, is just the things that you wish for ur whole life.

Just like me, I wish I could get an apple product, who cares… finally I got ibook, i got macbook and lately even got i-touch…

dun let people turn you down, stay strong and just buy it… no money? nah~ I think you have enough for that reason quite some time since i knew you

CommentNo. 2

sera31 July 20081:23 PM

hei, jgn dengar ckp org lain. buy one! youve been working damn hard sitting ifo the babi each n everyday, you deserve to hv an imac!

im dreaming of the latest mac book pro.. dekat rm10k! huh..

btw, miss cc very very much! 🙂

CommentNo. 3

max31 July 20089:15 PM

I got so excited reading your post title!
I don’t think anyone knows as much about what’s right for you as you do.
Never ever listen to anyone who’s trying to discourage you – because they do that, believe me.
Dennis, we only live once!

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Dennis1 August 200812:04 AM

See who’s talking… 3 Mac owners encouraging me to buy iMac. Hahaha…

Can’t imagine the 24 inch in my room… muahahaha…

Sera!!! Surprise u left a message here. How r u? Everything fine? Mac Book Pro? Think harder lor… It will come to you in time… Hahaha…

Yeah… I’m very excited as well…!!! Of coz I won’t care about what others said. Because I know this is what I want.

CommentNo. 5

Sean1 August 20083:26 AM

lets go shopping ler *)

CommentNo. 6

kopiais2 August 20088:11 AM

Dennis: Go Go Go…want one too =.=” but not imac, macbook gua 😛

Sean: Let’s go shopping!!! muahahah

Max: we live once….but very long….-____-“

CommentNo. 7

Ervin4 August 200810:19 AM


I don’t like iMac. Damn hard to familiar with the UI functions. Still prefer windows environment.

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