Hello gorgeous

No time to write anything now. Will update soon.


kopiais 6 August 2008

Take care of her… *sob*sob*

Kiwikahwai 6 August 2008

yeah…..as told by Dennis…..it’s really finally………witnessed it fr Pyramid.
Hehe……im sure u’ll be v happy throughout the whole week.

K3VIN 6 August 2008

Welcome to mac world…….And now I don’t feel lonely when I’m using mac, coz u own it!!!! So means our house got two macs…

max 6 August 2008

Yes you hit it baby!

Dennis 6 August 2008

I don’t want to go to work… I wanna stay at home everyday!!!

Sean 7 August 2008


hey, thanks for coming to the concert.

sera 7 August 2008


iMac dah ade.. so lepas ni kena cari girl friend pulak untuk melengkapkan kehidupan 😛

Max 8 August 2008

“Melengkapkan kehidupan”??


Dennis 8 August 2008

With iMac, I can survive without girlfriend for months. Hahaha…

Ervin 10 August 2008


Better not to let your gf read your comment here 😛

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