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It has been two very busy weeks for me. Per­haps it was the most hec­tic weeks I’ve ever had for years. Many things have hap­pened and many things have been bought. And some of them are the things that I have wanted for a very long time.

Two weeks with­out updat­ing my blog already because I have no time at all!!! Today, things started to set­tle down. I guess it’s time to fin­ish all the pend­ing stuffs one by one. And one of them is to update my blog. Let me try to remem­ber things hap­pened for the last 2 weeks.

First of all, as you might already noticed from my pre­vi­ous posts, I bought a 24 inch iMac!!!

It’s gor­geous it’s big and it’s per­fect. The speaker comes for free, just in time because I was plan­ning to buy a new set of speak­ers after I bought the iMac. And now the pro­mo­tion saved me the trouble.

For the first few days, I couldn’t believe myself that, it’s for real I’m hav­ing an iMac in my room. Every­thing was like a dream. But when time goes by, I started to accept the truth, espe­cially when they started to charge my credit card, sigh…

In order to place my new bought pre­cious, I needed a big­ger desk. So I headed down to Ikea together with Okui and Cheng Lam to buy a new table.

It was 08/08/08 — Olympics open­ing. We watched the open­ing while hav­ing our din­ner at T.G.I. Fri­days, The Curve. The staffs there were so busy singing birth­day songs for more than 5 groups of peo­ple. I won­der how come all these peo­ple whose birth­day on 08/08 have to come to Fri­days and cel­e­brate at the same time?

Any­way, many many thanks to Okui and Cheng Lam for help­ing me to carry the table’s legs and other stuffs back to my car.

Last week­end was peace­ful. Spent my whole Sun­day after­noon at home doing clean­ing. It took me 3 and a half hours to fin­ish all the clean­ing from my room, to the kitchen, to the liv­ing room and then the bath­room. Super damn tired. But after that, I still man­age to hit the gym at night.

Talk about gym, I’m so glad I joined the gym. It was fun and I feel bet­ter in terms of phys­i­cal fitness.

Why is the start date today? Hmmm… long story. It was about changing-to-corporate-package-within-16-days kinda things. Still, long story.

But one thing worth to men­tion is, I can now offi­cially declare that I have exceeded my credit limit of my credit card!!! I found out about that when I was try­ing to charge another 1.3k to my credit card while mak­ing the switch to cor­po­rate pack­age. Well, it’s not a good thing to announce actu­ally because in other words, I’m in deep shit already.

OK, last thing to say, the sub­ject of the post, I’ve man­aged to achieve another 2 items on my wish list and I’m very happy about it.

But these things came with a price. While I was on the process of acquir­ing these things, I’ve learned and seen a lot of things that I have never encounter before, and also thought of things that never came to my mind before this.

There are pros and cons about that and no mat­ter which side of the coin it is, I’ve learned and grow and that’s for sure is a good thing.

OK lah, although I still have many things I wanted to write, but I guess it’s enough for now. It’s almost 2 in the morn­ing. Need to get to bed now because I didn’t have enough sleep for days already. Chow.


This post is about Life

This post has 2 comments


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max26 August 20087:37 PM

Your iMac very mei…
my iMac also very mei…

CommentNo. 2

Ed28 August 200812:47 PM

Wawawawa.… con­grat­u­la­tion wor… finally u got it d!

when wanna show me off for ur iMac?

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