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Yes­ter­day (Sun­day), we went to a sym­phony orches­tra con­cert at Petronas Phil­har­monic Hall, KLCC.

Jenn Ting and I.

Sophea and Kah Wai.

The whole jour­ney was tough and full of obsta­cles. Why would I say that? Okay lets begin the story.

First of all, we were kinda short of time so I have to speed up. In the end, I have to spend 50 bucks buy­ing coffee.

Okay never mind, we made it to Cheras to have my favourite mix rice (again) and my favourite mini egg tarts.

After lunch, we rushed to KLCC. While col­lect­ing the tick­ets, the thing I was wor­ry­ing just hap­pened. They will not tol­er­ate for let­ting any­one with jeans to go in. Sophea and Jenn Ting were wear­ing jeans. So we have to rush to buy new pants for them and we have less than 15 min­utes to do that.

At the end, only Kah Wai and I made it to the con­cert. And we were the last one to go into the con­cert hall. The con­cert hall was full of peo­ple already even the whole orches­tra was stand­ing by on the stage pre­pared to start. Every­one was star­ing at us because our seats were just five rows from the stage! So paiseh! Once we sat down, the lights dimmed and the con­cert started.

The con­cert was phe­nom­e­nal. I would say that it was the best musi­cal per­for­mance I’ve ever seen or heard. The qual­ity of the per­for­mance was superb, the per­form­ers were very pro­fes­sional and the whole con­cert just blew me off.

Okay I should stop say­ing this already because I feel bad for Sophea and Jenn Ting as they didn’t make it. But luck­ily it was just RM50.

After the con­cert we went to Dome to have a drink. This is my hot Mocha with 2 tiny lit­tle almond bis­cuits and the Mega Choco­late Chip.

I kinda fell in love with orches­tra and the fol­low­ing con­certs in Octo­ber are those I feel like going.

The con­cert at 12 Octo­ber with Robert Levin and Ya-Fei Chuang, the pianists play­ing pieces from Beethoven and Brahms!

The post-gala con­cert at 19 Oct with Chris­tine Brewer the soprano.

And lastly the musi­cian Fabio Biondi play­ing at 30 Octo­ber. Vivaldi and The Four Sea­sons are the rea­sons to die for.

So any­one interested?


This post is about Musical

This post has 7 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais19 August 20087:55 AM

eiii it’s not just RM 50 okey?? it’s rm(300+) + rm 50 Y_Y

Okaaayyy the com­ing orches­tra I must pre­pare for every sin­gle thing… I mean every sin­gle thing!!

p.s. why my pic so round one arr… mayb time for gym nyek nyek nyek

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis19 August 20083:26 PM

Big invest­ment.… at least you got back some­thing. My RM50 invest­ment just gone like that… –_-”’

I knew you are going to say some­thing about your look in the pic­ture. Next time help you to pho­to­shop a bit before posting.

CommentNo. 3

Kiwikahwai19 August 20085:05 PM

it’s actu­ally my first time going to the orchestra.….…’s great I would say.….esp the slow one.…..the nex­time i’m goin too for sure.….make sure a reminder one round abt the dress code.….haha

CommentNo. 4

Sean20 August 200810:05 AM

that’s a con­cert hall~~~not civic hall

CommentNo. 5

ahzenn20 August 200811:02 AM

Why every­time you so rush one? Sweat~ Btw, you look hand­some le~~~

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis20 August 20081:08 PM

It was their first time mar… don’t blame them lah…

So Octo­ber you free to go or not?

Yalor… it’s a curse. Every­time sure need to rush like hell 1 wor… I also dunno why…

How can u say it out loud I look hand­some???!!! I still want to live u know…

CommentNo. 7

Sean20 August 20089:37 PM

dou­ble piano concerto~~Egmont~~
The Four Season~~~


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