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I think this is the longest break for not updat­ing my blog — 3 weeks. 1 week for too bored noth­ing to write, 1 week for too busy work until die and 1 more week for going back home­town no time to write.

Back to last Sat­ur­day, my last day work­ing before I went for a 5-day-Raya-holiday. The com­pany had a so called “Global Gen­eral Annual Gath­er­ing”. With­out any prior knowl­edge of it, I was pre­sented by the pres­i­dent with Lead­er­ship Excel­lence Award together with other 47 colleagues.

Together with the award, I was pro­moted to Senior Web Designer.

“I would like to take this oppor­tu­nity to thank all my par­ents, col­leagues, fam­i­lies and friends for giv­ing me all the sup­port and…” Hahaha… just kid­ding, I’m not win­ning Acad­emy Award here.

I brought the cer­tifi­cate back to my home­town and showed it to my fam­ily, they were all very happy and proud.

I’m happy for the recog­ni­tion I got from the com­pany and also my fam­ily. As now I know that, the path I’ve cho­sen 2 years ago to work in KL after grad­u­a­tion has been paid off.

I know I have much more to give and learn. But for now, this award has placed an impor­tant mile­stone in my life.


This post is about Work

This post has 9 comments


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Se@n4 October 20081:19 AM


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kopiais4 October 200810:30 AM

okay…now con­firm you have to buy me cup­cakes!! no escape!!!

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Kevin4 October 200812:46 PM

Haha…Finally.…the title is wor­thy and it is all u been ask­ing for…

CommentNo. 4

max4 October 20083:49 PM

I also want award le *sob sob*

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ahzenn4 October 20089:24 PM

Wa~~ Lead­er­ship Excel­lence Award. Cool neh~

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chenglam4 October 20089:44 PM

Con­grats!!! i guess now u have ur dad full sup­port and that’s most impor­tant and.… when u treat me a meal arhh?????

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plue_din6 October 20089:31 PM

Con­grat­u­la­tion! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

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Ervin Ter8 October 200812:45 AM

Con­grat­u­la­tion man!!!

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sera11 October 20087:25 PM

huwa huwa huwaaaaa happy for youuu! boleh la bagi me duit raya atau at least belanja mkn yum yum yum!

tah­niah den­nise! you deserve it!

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