I think this is the longest break for not updating my blog — 3 weeks. 1 week for too bored nothing to write, 1 week for too busy work until die and 1 more week for going back hometown no time to write.

Back to last Saturday, my last day working before I went for a 5-day-Raya-holiday. The company had a so called “Global General Annual Gathering”. Without any prior knowledge of it, I was presented by the president with Leadership Excellence Award together with other 47 colleagues.

Together with the award, I was promoted to Senior Web Designer.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my parents, colleagues, families and friends for giving me all the support and…” Hahaha… just kidding, I’m not winning Academy Award here.

I brought the certificate back to my hometown and showed it to my family, they were all very happy and proud.

I’m happy for the recognition I got from the company and also my family. As now I know that, the path I’ve chosen 2 years ago to work in KL after graduation has been paid off.

I know I have much more to give and learn. But for now, this award has placed an important milestone in my life.


kopiais 4 October 2008

okay…now confirm you have to buy me cupcakes!! no escape!!!

Kevin 4 October 2008

Haha…Finally….the title is worthy and it is all u been asking for…

max 4 October 2008

I also want award le *sob sob*

ahzenn 4 October 2008

Wa~~ Leadership Excellence Award. Cool neh~

chenglam 4 October 2008

Congrats!!! i guess now u have ur dad full support and that’s most important and…. when u treat me a meal arhh?????

plue_din 6 October 2008

Congratulation! Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Ervin Ter 8 October 2008

Congratulation man!!!

sera 11 October 2008

huwa huwa huwaaaaa happy for youuu! boleh la bagi me duit raya atau at least belanja mkn yum yum yum!

tahniah dennise! you deserve it!

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