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I crave for salad most of the time. Espe­cially when I fin­ish my gym ses­sion. Salad is low in fat, light, ful­fill­ing and most impor­tantly, healthy! But it’s not because I want to keep fit or lose fat (it does help though), it’s because vege is my all time favourite.

But in a food heaven like Malaysia, you sim­ply can’t find a sim­ple food like tuna salad every­where. Even if you do, it will cost you around 5 to 8 Ring­git just for a bowl of vege.

So, recently I dis­cov­ered the joy of mak­ing my own salad. I can put what­ever I like and as much as I want.

Let me present to you, my home-made Tuna Salad!!!


1 pack of High­land Fresh Mixed Salad from Giant
1 medium size yel­low onion
3 table spoons of olive oil with herbs
1/2 can of tuna meat in olive oil

It’s cheap, great taste and BIG por­tion. What can you ask for more?


This post is about Food

This post has 7 comments


CommentNo. 1

Se@n10 October 20083:43 AM

Looks deli­cious.
Squeeze some lemon or lime juice on top of the salad, i think it tastes better.

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis10 October 200810:00 AM

Oh… never thought of that. Good idea, will try that soon…

CommentNo. 3

ahzenn10 October 20081:51 PM

Look very deli­cious wor…

CommentNo. 4

max10 October 200810:39 PM

wa now become chef already!

CommentNo. 5

Shevi =312 October 20084:26 PM

Add eggs and mayo also, slur­rpp~
bring to CCC sum­time den­nis! =p

Author’s CommentNo. 6

Den­nis12 October 200811:02 PM

Oh… eggs… it sounds good… but mayo… hahaha… no no… fattening…

CommentNo. 7

Shevi =312 October 200811:04 PM

hihihi mayo is sin­fully deli­cious =p

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