Salad maniac

I crave for salad most of the time. Especially when I finish my gym session. Salad is low in fat, light, fulfilling and most importantly, healthy! But it’s not because I want to keep fit or lose fat (it does help though), it’s because vege is my all time favourite.

But in a food heaven like Malaysia, you simply can’t find a simple food like tuna salad everywhere. Even if you do, it will cost you around 5 to 8 Ringgit just for a bowl of vege.

So, recently I discovered the joy of making my own salad. I can put whatever I like and as much as I want.

Let me present to you, my home-made Tuna Salad!!!


1 pack of Highland Fresh Mixed Salad from Giant
1 medium size yellow onion
3 table spoons of olive oil with herbs
1/2 can of tuna meat in olive oil

It’s cheap, great taste and BIG portion. What can you ask for more?


Se@n 10 October 2008

Looks delicious.
Squeeze some lemon or lime juice on top of the salad, i think it tastes better.

Dennis 10 October 2008

Oh… never thought of that. Good idea, will try that soon…

ahzenn 10 October 2008

Look very delicious wor…

max 10 October 2008

wa now become chef already!

Shevi =3 12 October 2008

Add eggs and mayo also, slurrpp~
bring to CCC sumtime dennis! =p

Dennis 12 October 2008

Oh… eggs… it sounds good… but mayo… hahaha… no no… fattening…

Shevi =3 12 October 2008

hihihi mayo is sinfully delicious =p

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