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Okay, this is some­thing spe­cial. The first pic­ture below is not some break­fast at some restau­rant, but home-made break­fast I pre­pared myself.

Cheese sausage, fried egg, fried aspara­gus and steam broc­co­lis. Taste fan­tas­tic, really.

This is my first time prepar­ing this kind of break­fast. One thing is I need more expe­ri­ence in cook­ing. The aspara­gus was over­cooked. And it took me a long time to pre­pare the break­fast, the vege became cold already by the time I fin­ish fry­ing the eggs.

Besides, my kitchen­ware is insuf­fi­cient for me to do all those things. All the pots have no cov­ers, no pots are big enough to do steam­ing and I fried the eggs and aspara­gus with a spoon. But at the end I man­aged to find my way out.

Malaysian Phil­har­monic Orchestra

Went to a per­for­mance at MPO again with Kah Wai and Sean.

This time we made it very very early. One of the ear­li­est to enter the hall.

It was a per­for­mance of two pianists. The piano con­certo in the first part was great but the the sec­ond part just don’t make me feel excited.

Any­way, we had our lunch at the Apart­ment, KLCC by order­ing break­fast sets.

Some bread with gar­lic but­ter. This is com­pli­men­tary because the por­tion of the food is very small, noth­ing special.

This is what I had, Egg, Hash and Aspara­gus. Nice!

Kah Wai ordered this mush­room some­thing something.

And the pancakes.

Sean had the bread pasta. Taste very nice as well.

Nice foods, nice con­cert and nice work­out ses­sion at night. What a lovely Sunday.


This post is about Food, Musical

This post has 2 comments


CommentNo. 1

Kevin13 October 20089:58 AM

your break­fast is sur­prise me, any­way I really appre­ci­ate you cook­ing break­fast and u count me in too.…

CommentNo. 2

Shevi =314 October 200810:14 PM

next time count me innnn hehe =p
wow aspara­gusss, hmhm inspirational,i wanna try make one some­time =3

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