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Breakfast and MPO


Okay, this is something special. The first picture below is not some breakfast at some restaurant, but home-made breakfast I prepared myself.

Cheese sausage, fried egg, fried asparagus and steam broccolis. Taste fantastic, really.

This is my first time preparing this kind of breakfast. One thing is I need more experience in cooking. The asparagus was overcooked. And it took me a long time to prepare the breakfast, the vege became cold already by the time I finish frying the eggs.

Besides, my kitchenware is insufficient for me to do all those things. All the pots have no covers, no pots are big enough to do steaming and I fried the eggs and asparagus with a spoon. But at the end I managed to find my way out.

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

Went to a performance at MPO again with Kah Wai and Sean.

This time we made it very very early. One of the earliest to enter the hall.

It was a performance of two pianists. The piano concerto in the first part was great but the the second part just don’t make me feel excited.

Anyway, we had our lunch at the Apartment, KLCC by ordering breakfast sets.

Some bread with garlic butter. This is complimentary because the portion of the food is very small, nothing special.

This is what I had, Egg, Hash and Asparagus. Nice!

Kah Wai ordered this mushroom something something.

And the pancakes.

Sean had the bread pasta. Taste very nice as well.

Nice foods, nice concert and nice workout session at night. What a lovely Sunday.

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  1. Kevin Kevin

    your breakfast is surprise me, anyway I really appreciate you cooking breakfast and u count me in too….

  2. next time count me innnn hehe =p
    wow asparagusss, hmhm inspirational,i wanna try make one sometime =3

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