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Ole-ole Bali at Sunway Pyramid

I’m posting something happened 1 week ago :p

Last Sunday, went to watch Eagle Eye at Sunway Pyramid with few friends. After the movie, we had our dinner at Ole-ole Bali, Sunway Pyramid.

Together with Cheng Lam.

And Okui.

And also Kah Wai.

The food was super delicious. But of course cheap things not good, good things not cheap.

Okui ordered this ayam panggang with rice or something. Taste very nice.

And this is what I had, lamp chop. Superb I tell you. Highly recommended.

The lighting condition is too dim and not suitable for taking pictures. Didn’t managed to take pictures of other food like the Sate Lilit, the salad and also a piece of cake Kah Wai’s aunt gave to us who happened to be celebrating birthday at the same restaurant too.

It’s going to be a 2-and-a-half-day-holiday (I work half-day on Saturday). Wish all of you happy Deepavali and happy holiday!

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