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I have no idea how many times I’ve posted pic­tures of Sakae Sushi. In fact, I’ve been hav­ing Sakae Sushi for 2 week­ends already.

But I’m going to post it any­way. Went to catch a movie — Tropic Thun­der — with Ah Max, Sophea and Kah Wai.

Before we go for din­ner at Sakae Sushi, we went to J.Co Donuts for cof­fee intake in order to main­tain the caf­fein level.

At Sakae Sushi, the one dish you have to order every sin­gle time is, the salmon nigri.

This is the main attrac­tion because it’s only RM1.90 for 2 pieces!

The soft shell crab. Ordered every sin­gle time as well.

Cha soba, green tea noo­dle. Didn’t know it’s so nice until last time Kah Wai ordered it.

Sophea ordered the sashimi salad, with fish sperms all over it. She liked it. I mean the salad of course.

And my all time favourite — salmon don. But now they are serv­ing less fish more rice. So sad.

Another sad thing is, just got a mes­sage from the big boss ask­ing me to go back to work on Deepavali.


This post is about Food

This post has 4 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais27 October 20089:04 AM

ya, I like the sashimi salad ya… dun miss spell or miss place the words… o.O

CommentNo. 2

Ted27 October 20081:35 PM

Zen­mai, Sakae, and what’s next? Benkay…

CommentNo. 3

Se@n27 October 200811:10 PM

Kiku sakura?

CommentNo. 4

Ervin Ter30 October 20085:44 PM

Your photo shoot­ing skill very good at food huh… :)

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