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Sakae Sushi again

I have no idea how many times I’ve posted pictures of Sakae Sushi. In fact, I’ve been having Sakae Sushi for 2 weekends already.

But I’m going to post it anyway. Went to catch a movie — Tropic Thunder — with Ah Max, Sophea and Kah Wai.

Before we go for dinner at Sakae Sushi, we went to J.Co Donuts for coffee intake in order to maintain the caffein level.

At Sakae Sushi, the one dish you have to order every single time is, the salmon nigri.

This is the main attraction because it’s only RM1.90 for 2 pieces!

The soft shell crab. Ordered every single time as well.

Cha soba, green tea noodle. Didn’t know it’s so nice until last time Kah Wai ordered it.

Sophea ordered the sashimi salad, with fish sperms all over it. She liked it. I mean the salad of course.

And my all time favourite — salmon don. But now they are serving less fish more rice. So sad.

Another sad thing is, just got a message from the big boss asking me to go back to work on Deepavali.

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  1. ya, I like the sashimi salad ya… dun miss spell or miss place the words… o.O

  2. Ted Ted

    Zenmai, Sakae, and what’s next? Benkay…

  3. Kiku sakura?

  4. Your photo shooting skill very good at food huh… 🙂

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