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Sun­day noon I went to the gym with Cheng Lam for our usual Sun­day workout.

After our work­out ses­sion, we went for lunch at Wendy’s. We didn’t order ham­burg­ers. Instead, we ordered caeser salad with grilled chicken and spicy chicken.

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It was quite nice although the por­tion is not enough for us. So we headed to Toast Box for cof­fee and some toasts. And not long after that, OBK joined us for our high-tea, but it was his lunch at around 5PM.

After that we watched the movie Mada­gas­car 2. After the movie we started won­der­ing around and think of what to eat.

Me: Why don’t we go to eat salad again? (just to make some joke)

Cheng Lam: What???!!! Salad again ar???!!! Don’t lah…

OBK: Why? Why have to eat salad?

Me: What’s wrong with salad? Salad is nice and it’s good for health what.

OBK: No lah. Why have to do that to your­self? Don’t do that lah. Man should not eat salad. Man should eat steak. Yalah salad is good for health. But you have to treat your­self like that meh???

Me: That’s just your per­sonal sub­jec­tive impres­sion only.

OBK: Yalah, that’s what I think only. You don’t have to do like I said one.

Frankly, I was a bit offended by what he said.

Salad is for ladies who want to lose fat or stay in shape only. Is that what most of the peo­ple think nowa­days? Or is it just me to think that it is com­pletely noth­ing wrong for guys to eat salad as well?

Well, if you know me well enough you should know that I’m a vege lover. Usu­ally dur­ing lunch or din­ner, I will fin­ish all the vege left over by other peo­ple who don’t take vege, for exam­ple Kevin. When I’m at a buf­fet, one-third of my meal would be salad.

Besides, salad does help in keep­ing my body fat low and at the same time ful­fill my stom­ach. Hmmm… maybe keep­ing body fat low is also some­thing should be done by the ladies only in some people’s view.

Would it be bet­ter if I put it in other words like, salad does help in keep­ing the belly flat, reveal­ing the mus­cles and adding more def­i­n­i­tion to the body?

If salad is really for ladies only, then why on earth there are so many salad recipes and dietary plans pub­lished in a mag­a­zine like Men’s Health?

Okay, maybe I’m over reacted and being sar­cas­tic while writ­ing this post. I know he didn’t meant to be offen­sive, I know he is just try­ing to say what he feels is right. But one should never be so judge­men­tal while noth­ing in this world has def­i­nite right or wrong.

Well, I have done say­ing writ­ing. Hav­ing salad is just “my thing” and I think it is com­pletely all right for a guy to eat salad as long as he is happy with it.

Talk about happy, no one should be hap­pier than YT aka Dai­jiaok­ing because today is his 22nd birthday!

We bought him a choco­late cheese cake from Secret Recipe and I had 2 slices :p (have to stock in more salad already).

I wish you a very happy birth­day. May all your wishes come true and good luck in every aspects of your life.

Happy Birth­day YT!!!


This post is about Food

This post has 4 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter18 November 20089:19 AM

Well, you know Pan Mee? Accord­ing to my col­league, that is “women“‘s food, you did know why? Because it sim­ply will get hun­gry eas­ily after eat­ing it.

CommentNo. 2

kevin18 November 200810:36 AM

Salad…haha…Atleast I have noth­ing to say about it, even i have no right. coz i dun like vege..haha…even i try to eat…

CommentNo. 3

chenglam18 November 20087:17 PM

well u really over-reacted a bit… OBK was just voice out his thoughts and noth­ing wrong with that. Every1 has his or her own per­cep­tion, and u can either agree with them or u dun give them a shit if u dun. Why let urself get affected by other ppl so eas­ily? Take it easy fren.

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis20 November 200812:35 AM

Hmmm… if your friend’s the­ory is true, then there’s noth­ing much man can eat already.

Actu­ally it’s not com­pletely about the salad…

I can go with it if he is just try­ing to speak out his mind. But why I got so excited is because the impli­ca­tion of me in his “the­ory” that I’m so wrong by hav­ing salad.

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