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Salad is for ladies only

Sunday noon I went to the gym with Cheng Lam for our usual Sunday workout.

After our workout session, we went for lunch at Wendy’s. We didn’t order hamburgers. Instead, we ordered caeser salad with grilled chicken and spicy chicken.

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It was quite nice although the portion is not enough for us. So we headed to Toast Box for coffee and some toasts. And not long after that, OBK joined us for our high-tea, but it was his lunch at around 5PM.

After that we watched the movie Madagascar 2. After the movie we started wondering around and think of what to eat.

Me: Why don’t we go to eat salad again? (just to make some joke)

Cheng Lam: What???!!! Salad again ar???!!! Don’t lah…

OBK: Why? Why have to eat salad?

Me: What’s wrong with salad? Salad is nice and it’s good for health what.

OBK: No lah. Why have to do that to yourself? Don’t do that lah. Man should not eat salad. Man should eat steak. Yalah salad is good for health. But you have to treat yourself like that meh???

Me: That’s just your personal subjective impression only.

OBK: Yalah, that’s what I think only. You don’t have to do like I said one.

Frankly, I was a bit offended by what he said.

Salad is for ladies who want to lose fat or stay in shape only. Is that what most of the people think nowadays? Or is it just me to think that it is completely nothing wrong for guys to eat salad as well?

Well, if you know me well enough you should know that I’m a vege lover. Usually during lunch or dinner, I will finish all the vege left over by other people who don’t take vege, for example Kevin. When I’m at a buffet, one-third of my meal would be salad.

Besides, salad does help in keeping my body fat low and at the same time fulfill my stomach. Hmmm… maybe keeping body fat low is also something should be done by the ladies only in some people’s view.

Would it be better if I put it in other words like, salad does help in keeping the belly flat, revealing the muscles and adding more definition to the body?

If salad is really for ladies only, then why on earth there are so many salad recipes and dietary plans published in a magazine like Men’s Health?

Okay, maybe I’m over reacted and being sarcastic while writing this post. I know he didn’t meant to be offensive, I know he is just trying to say what he feels is right. But one should never be so judgemental while nothing in this world has definite right or wrong.

Well, I have done saying writing. Having salad is just “my thing” and I think it is completely all right for a guy to eat salad as long as he is happy with it.

Talk about happy, no one should be happier than YT aka Daijiaoking because today is his 22nd birthday!

We bought him a chocolate cheese cake from Secret Recipe and I had 2 slices :p (have to stock in more salad already).

I wish you a very happy birthday. May all your wishes come true and good luck in every aspects of your life.

Happy Birthday YT!!!

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  1. Haha..
    Well, you know Pan Mee? According to my colleague, that is “women”‘s food, you did know why? Because it simply will get hungry easily after eating it.

  2. kevin kevin

    Salad…haha…Atleast I have nothing to say about it, even i have no right. coz i dun like vege..haha…even i try to eat…

  3. chenglam chenglam

    well u really over-reacted a bit… OBK was just voice out his thoughts and nothing wrong with that. Every1 has his or her own perception, and u can either agree with them or u dun give them a shit if u dun. Why let urself get affected by other ppl so easily? Take it easy fren.

  4. @Ervin
    Hmmm… if your friend’s theory is true, then there’s nothing much man can eat already.

    Actually it’s not completely about the salad…

    I can go with it if he is just trying to speak out his mind. But why I got so excited is because the implication of me in his “theory” that I’m so wrong by having salad.

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