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I have just got myself a new dizi (the chinese flute).

This is my second dizi in C scales. My first D scales dizi was bought about 2 years ago when I started to learn dizi.

For your information, the following picture shows the dimo (flute membrane) sticking on one of the holes so that the dizi will sound nicer.

I used to be very jealous when seeing Sean (used to be my ex-teacher) carrying so many dizi’s in his bag because he looks very pro. Okay lah he doesn’t “look” pro, he IS the pro.

I have always wanted to be able to have all kinds of dizi. So now I got myself a very pro dizi as well. According to my teacher, this is the best of the best. Although it’s a little bit expensive to pay RM350 for a bamboo stick, but the Chinese always say “in order to do the work well, one must sharpen the tool first”. No regret at all buying it.

I have totally no idea how to read the words. But isn’t it looks cool?

There is still a long long way to go before I can become a good dizi player. The long way I’m talking about is not just 6 or 7 months, it could take up to 6 or 7 years! But “million meters skyscraper is also built from ground”, at least I’ve taken another step by getting myself a better dizi.

I can see more to come.


This post is about Musical

This post has 17 comments


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kopiais22 November 20089:39 AM


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kevin22 November 200810:10 AM

i like your new one, look very nice, especially the chrome plated and the craving…is awesome..

CommentNo. 3

Ted23 November 20087:51 PM

It’s a scripture on that dizi… It says “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”

CommentNo. 4

Richie1 December 20088:13 PM

are you chinese orchestra member ?? i play er hu de. but i don like the er hu sound lar.. so like lao hu…

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Dennis1 December 200810:54 PM

Wah you play Erhu so geng… I just started to learn lah… not qualified to play in an orchestra yet…

CommentNo. 6

Richie15 December 20084:57 PM

that one long time ago liao, masa saya di high school…now almost losing the skill liao..haha

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Shafiq Azman6 April 20098:58 PM

I’v been playing dizi for abt a year and now lookin’ for a new one of good quality…
But it’s hard to find a music shop selling the flute…
Hope you could inform where you bought yours or any other available shops…

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Shafiq Azman6 April 20099:00 PM

Btw, your new dizi is awesome! Sure it sings well…

Author’s CommentNo. 9

Dennis8 April 20092:24 PM

Hi Shafiq, you can buy one at my music school, Keejan. Find out their location at their website It’s located at PJ SS2.

Yes my new dizi sounds very nice… but too bad my skill is not that good… hahaha…

CommentNo. 10

Shafiq Azman17 April 200912:00 AM

Hello there, sorry for the late replies…
Thanx, but unfortuntly, I’ve just bought mine from a music centre near Jalan Tun Razak…

Frankly speaking, yours look better than mine… Hahaha…

CommentNo. 11

Robbin4 May 20094:03 PM

Hello Dennis,

I was wondering if you could tell me where you purchased the flute?

Appreciate your kind help.

Author’s CommentNo. 12

Dennis4 May 20098:44 PM

Hi Robbin,

Please find my answer at comment no 9…

I think they are having a sales right now… better be hurry…

CommentNo. 13

Sara14 February 201012:43 PM

Hi there.
the flute is cool!
im planning to buy one,
*i wanna learn to play it!*

is it hard to play chinese bamboo flute or what they called in chinese? dizi?

by the way,im playing “modern” flute. hehe. so i dont know how to play dizi, is it the same?

CommentNo. 14

Sara15 February 20109:33 AM

Hi there. yours are Qu Di type ke?
im planning to buy one too..
by the way, where to find the dizi book, like fingering chart and etc.
hope you reply this. i found an online store(singapore) , Eason Enterprise.

Author’s CommentNo. 15

Dennis18 February 201012:35 PM

Hi Sara,

Sorry for late reply. I was away for CNY holidays.

I don’t think I have all the answers for your questions. But I’ll try my best.

Yes the bamboo flute is called Dizi and yes all my dizi’s are Qudi.

I never played a western flute before thus I can’t tell if they are the same or not. But what I know is the fingering is definitely different.

About the book, I have no idea where you can find it in Singapore. But if you can’t, maybe you can call my music school and ask them. You can find the website at comment no. 9 above.

Hope these helps.

CommentNo. 16

Sara18 February 201011:05 PM

erm, i’ve emailed them before, but still i dont get their reply.

im gonna buy the flute from that singapore online store (Eason Enterprise- TanSungWah).

this flute, ada care&cleaning kits or not?
and can you help me get the book?

thanks for the reply. 🙂

Author’s CommentNo. 17

Dennis19 February 20107:01 PM

Hi Sara,

I asked my friend and he suggested you to go to Bras Basah Complex near the Raffles Hotel. You can simply find everything you want in any of the music shops.

Dizi is quite low maintenance actually so it doesn’t come with cleaning kits. Just keep it dry and change the dimo (flute membrane) will do.

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