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I have just got myself a new dizi (the chi­nese flute).

This is my sec­ond dizi in C scales. My first D scales dizi was bought about 2 years ago when I started to learn dizi.

For your infor­ma­tion, the fol­low­ing pic­ture shows the dimo (flute mem­brane) stick­ing on one of the holes so that the dizi will sound nicer.

I used to be very jeal­ous when see­ing Sean (used to be my ex-teacher) car­ry­ing so many dizi’s in his bag because he looks very pro. Okay lah he doesn’t “look” pro, he IS the pro.

I have always wanted to be able to have all kinds of dizi. So now I got myself a very pro dizi as well. Accord­ing to my teacher, this is the best of the best. Although it’s a lit­tle bit expen­sive to pay RM350 for a bam­boo stick, but the Chi­nese always say “in order to do the work well, one must sharpen the tool first”. No regret at all buy­ing it.

I have totally no idea how to read the words. But isn’t it looks cool?

There is still a long long way to go before I can become a good dizi player. The long way I’m talk­ing about is not just 6 or 7 months, it could take up to 6 or 7 years! But “mil­lion meters sky­scraper is also built from ground”, at least I’ve taken another step by get­ting myself a bet­ter dizi.

I can see more to come.


This post is about Musical

This post has 17 comments


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kopiais22 November 20089:39 AM


CommentNo. 2

kevin22 November 200810:10 AM

i like your new one, look very nice, espe­cially the chrome plated and the craving…is awesome..

CommentNo. 3

Ted23 November 20087:51 PM

It’s a scrip­ture on that dizi… It says “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”

CommentNo. 4

Richie1 December 20088:13 PM

are you chi­nese orches­tra mem­ber ?? i play er hu de. but i don like the er hu sound lar.. so like lao hu…

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis1 December 200810:54 PM

Wah you play Erhu so geng… I just started to learn lah… not qual­i­fied to play in an orches­tra yet…

CommentNo. 6

Richie15 December 20084:57 PM

that one long time ago liao, masa saya di high school…now almost los­ing the skill liao..haha

CommentNo. 7

Shafiq Azman6 April 20098:58 PM

I’v been play­ing dizi for abt a year and now lookin’ for a new one of good qual­ity…
But it’s hard to find a music shop sell­ing the flute…
Hope you could inform where you bought yours or any other avail­able shops…

CommentNo. 8

Shafiq Azman6 April 20099:00 PM

Btw, your new dizi is awe­some! Sure it sings well…

Author’s CommentNo. 9

Den­nis8 April 20092:24 PM

Hi Shafiq, you can buy one at my music school, Kee­jan. Find out their loca­tion at their web­site It’s located at PJ SS2.

Yes my new dizi sounds very nice… but too bad my skill is not that good… hahaha…

CommentNo. 10

Shafiq Azman17 April 200912:00 AM

Hello there, sorry for the late replies…
Thanx, but unfor­tuntly, I’ve just bought mine from a music cen­tre near Jalan Tun Razak…

Frankly speak­ing, yours look bet­ter than mine… Hahaha…

CommentNo. 11

Robbin4 May 20094:03 PM

Hello Den­nis,

I was won­der­ing if you could tell me where you pur­chased the flute?

Appre­ci­ate your kind help.

Author’s CommentNo. 12

Den­nis4 May 20098:44 PM

Hi Rob­bin,

Please find my answer at com­ment no 9…

I think they are hav­ing a sales right now… bet­ter be hurry…

CommentNo. 13

Sara14 February 201012:43 PM

Hi there.
the flute is cool!
im plan­ning to buy one,
*i wanna learn to play it!*

is it hard to play chi­nese bam­boo flute or what they called in chi­nese? dizi?

by the way,im play­ing “mod­ern” flute. hehe. so i dont know how to play dizi, is it the same?

CommentNo. 14

Sara15 February 20109:33 AM

Hi there. yours are Qu Di type ke?
im plan­ning to buy one too..
by the way, where to find the dizi book, like fin­ger­ing chart and etc.
hope you reply this. i found an online store(singapore) , Eason Enter­prise.

Author’s CommentNo. 15

Den­nis18 February 201012:35 PM

Hi Sara,

Sorry for late reply. I was away for CNY holidays.

I don’t think I have all the answers for your ques­tions. But I’ll try my best.

Yes the bam­boo flute is called Dizi and yes all my dizi’s are Qudi.

I never played a west­ern flute before thus I can’t tell if they are the same or not. But what I know is the fin­ger­ing is def­i­nitely different.

About the book, I have no idea where you can find it in Sin­ga­pore. But if you can’t, maybe you can call my music school and ask them. You can find the web­site at com­ment no. 9 above.

Hope these helps.

CommentNo. 16

Sara18 February 201011:05 PM

erm, i’ve emailed them before, but still i dont get their reply.

im gonna buy the flute from that sin­ga­pore online store (Eason Enter­prise– TanSungWah).

this flute, ada care&cleaning kits or not?
and can you help me get the book?

thanks for the reply. :)

Author’s CommentNo. 17

Den­nis19 February 20107:01 PM

Hi Sara,

I asked my friend and he sug­gested you to go to Bras Basah Com­plex near the Raf­fles Hotel. You can sim­ply find every­thing you want in any of the music shops.

Dizi is quite low main­te­nance actu­ally so it doesn’t come with clean­ing kits. Just keep it dry and change the dimo (flute mem­brane) will do.

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