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Today I think I’m a little bit out of my mind.

It is Sunday and I rejected 3 friends who asked me to go out and decided to stay at home.

I did some serious house cleaning. And even washed my shoes.

Everything was done at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. After all the works, I felt so hungry. So I opened the fridge and took out all the ingredients and prepared 2 salads for myself.

The usual tuna salad.

And also some broccolis.

Yeah I know… I know… salad again. I’m just a salad freak. Take it or leave it.

I’m so good at doing salad now I can even get it ready in less than 15 minutes.

After my evening workout session at the gym, I came home and prepared a very nice dinner — roasted chicken with broccolis.

Okay lah… I didn’t “prepared” it. I bought the roasted chicken from Jusco and all I did was to put everything together.

What a laid back Sunday. Oh… and 1 more picture from Saturday.

The Milo Dinosaur and Strawberry Chocolate Milk (going to miss it soon).


This post is about Food

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

Ervin Ter24 November 200812:30 AM

Yummy…. Look delicious…

When are you free to teach me on preparing salad.

CommentNo. 2

kopiais24 November 20088:01 AM

Strawberry choco milk….*taking-a-very-long-deep-breath*

CommentNo. 3

Se@n24 November 200811:36 AM

“Strawberry choco milk….*taking-a-very-long-deep-breath*”

I think it’s yummy!

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