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Shopping season started.

As the starter, I went to 1U and bought a white shirt from Zara and a pair of Bonia cuff links.

First time buying a French cuff shirt and cuff links. To play safe, I bought this simple and bold cuff links instead of fancy one.

And it looks nice on the new shirt. So happy.

Still have many things to buy but I have limited time and $$$


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  1. kevin kevin

    I like the button, if the shirt is black will be super damn…

  2. Okay checked… black shirt added to my shopping list…

  3. ei..rupa rupa nya kamu…walaooo..your shirt so white, you don’t scare being jeling mata by Tan Sri kah ?

  4. ei..rupa rupa nya kamu

    You sounded like very suprise.
    It’s not meant for work lah… I’m going to wear it to attend a wedding of my friend.

  5. Seem like you like to shopping as well. :P:P

  6. Hey those are cool. Very elegant. =D Nice picks.

  7. Joshua Joshua

    nice nice

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