Shopping season started.

As the starter, I went to 1U and bought a white shirt from Zara and a pair of Bonia cuff links.

First time buying a French cuff shirt and cuff links. To play safe, I bought this simple and bold cuff links instead of fancy one.

And it looks nice on the new shirt. So happy.

Still have many things to buy but I have limited time and $$$



kevin 1 December 2008

I like the button, if the shirt is black will be super damn…

Dennis 1 December 2008

Okay checked… black shirt added to my shopping list…

Richie 1 December 2008

ei..rupa rupa nya kamu…walaooo..your shirt so white, you don’t scare being jeling mata by Tan Sri kah ?

Dennis 1 December 2008

ei..rupa rupa nya kamu

You sounded like very suprise.
It’s not meant for work lah… I’m going to wear it to attend a wedding of my friend.

Ervin Ter 2 December 2008

Seem like you like to shopping as well. :P:P

Ryan 6 December 2008

Hey those are cool. Very elegant. =D Nice picks.

Joshua 21 January 2010

nice nice

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