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Just married

Congratulations to Kean Lee and Shin Yee for tying the knot.

On a lovely Saturday morning, the handsome prince charming is getting prepared to go and save the princess who got locked in the castle.

After slaying the sister dinosaurs one by one, finally the prince got into the highest room in the tallest tower and give the beautiful princess the one kiss.

The princess woke up and fell in love with the prince.

They escaped from the castle.

Then… “tang tang tang tang…” (the marriage melody). It means they got married.

And they live happily ever after.

The end.

No wait, not so soon. It’s the beginning of another chapter in life where they need to work harder to earn more money, buy new house, buy new car, have baby, sleepless nights if the baby cries, then have more babies, and have more sleepless nights, have to save more money for milk powder, compare which pampers is cheaper and the list goes on and on.

Anyway, screw the future. Wish them “forever tie the same heart”, “forever bath in the love river”, “white heads together old” and “early born expensive kids”!

Not forgetting to mention the strongest, the bravest and the most handsome knights who fought along the prince to save the princess, the hengtai’s (brothers).

From left to right, Seong Eng, Kok Siong, Me, OBK and Kim Loy.

Their contribution for forcing the prince to shout out loud in front of everyone to promise the princess a loving blow job must not be overlooked.

P/S: Will post more beautiful pictures (really beautiful) if I can get some from the photographer.

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  1. -_____- what’ with the story… nice try on the direct translate wishes hahahaha

  2. Congratulation to Kean Lee and Shin Yee. Wishing them have child soon.

  3. sera sera

    Encik Dens Lee bila lagi?

  4. Hehehe… lama lagi…

    Kak Sera dulu…

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