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Wild boar fever

Believe it or not. The latest trend in my hometown — Taiping — this time is not drinking some greenish healthy grass juice, or making some healthy home-made enzyme, or touching the tortoise or hugging the pineapple anymore.

The new trend in town is touching the wild boars!

Yes, you never heard me wrongly, wild boars as in pigs from the forest or babi hutan.

Every evening around 7 to 8 PM, people from everywhere will start gathering at this small Hindu Temple behind Tesco to wait for the wild boars to come out.

When I say people from everywhere, that includes the locals, tourists from outstation such as KL and Singapore who came all the way busses after busses just to see and touch the wild boars.

When it’s almost time, the Hindu Temple will ring the bell, and the wild boars will start coming out from the forest. I saw around 20 to 30 wild boars that night. According to my brother, during peak season the number will double to almost 80 wild boars! Can you imagine that.

People will start feeding the wild boars with rice and corn they bought from the temple. While the wild boars are eating, the people will touch them from head to toe tail.

According to the legend, ones who touched the wild boars will bring good luck. And according to the legend as well, somebody won the lottery after touching the wild boars.

Sister: “Yer… so smelly one…”
Dad: “Ceh… cannot say like that at this place. Later the Indian Temple people heard liao and they come and whack you…”
Mom: “Wah… really smelly leh…”
Dad: “I just told you all not to mention it.”
Me: “Hahaha…”

The wild boars are just like cats, they walk here and there in front of everyone not showing a single sign of fear towards the people.

Sister: “Eh! They come near us liao!”
Me: *touch touch*
Me: “Yer… why the wild boar so oily one…?”
Mom: “Of course lah, they never shower one mar. You think what, after finish eating they go home take a shower and sleep then tomorrow come back again ar?”
Me: -_-”’

I took a video but it was too dark, cannot see anything. I am not sure how true the legend is, but one thing for sure, the Hindu Temple must be making lots of money.

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  1. so cute la your family =)) hahaha

  2. Although I come from Taiping, but I still not yet go touch the babi hutan. Will find one day go touch then buy lottery immediately.

  3. max max

    Wild Boar A: “Yao mo kao cho a… this one came to touch me yesterday le, today still come back to touch me again a?”
    Wild Boar B: “Yalo. Dono what are they thinking le… but why la we have to come out everyday at 7pm a? You know a?”
    Wild Boar A: “Actually I also dono le. Buat wayang show only ma…”
    Wild Boar B: “…”

  4. freedomsoul freedomsoul

    I just went there yesterday. Unfortunately, there was some slight rain.But, those wild boars still came out. I touched one, it’s fur was really rough. Haha and yeah, it was really smelly! I saw some people rubbing their money against the wild boar, they’ll use that money to buy numbers.

  5. prasanthrao prasanthrao

    it was very special and fantastic.i want to go there

  6. Dev Dev

    I’m planning to visit the temple with my family coming early March.
    Pls direct me how to go to the temple. I’m coming from KL.

    Thanks & regards,

  7. Hi Dev,

    It’s difficult to tell you where it is. Because you have to go through many lorongs behind a taman in order to get to that place.

    Why don’t you go to the BHP petrol station behind Tesco to ask around. Because the place is just behind that petrol station.

  8. Dev Dev

    ok. Pls guide me how to get to tesco or the BHP from the North-South Highway. I’ll be coming from KL. Which exit shall I take?

    Thanks & regards,

  9. jack tan jack tan

    it’s true i strike magnum 4d after touching it for the first time. it’s cute just like our household pet.
    bring tourist to my hometown and generate properity.

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