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Believe it or not. The lat­est trend in my home­town — Taip­ing — this time is not drink­ing some green­ish healthy grass juice, or mak­ing some healthy home-made enzyme, or touch­ing the tor­toise or hug­ging the pineap­ple anymore.

The new trend in town is touch­ing the wild boars!

Yes, you never heard me wrongly, wild boars as in pigs from the for­est or babi hutan.

Every evening around 7 to 8 PM, peo­ple from every­where will start gath­er­ing at this small Hindu Tem­ple behind Tesco to wait for the wild boars to come out.

When I say peo­ple from every­where, that includes the locals, tourists from out­sta­tion such as KL and Sin­ga­pore who came all the way busses after busses just to see and touch the wild boars.

When it’s almost time, the Hindu Tem­ple will ring the bell, and the wild boars will start com­ing out from the for­est. I saw around 20 to 30 wild boars that night. Accord­ing to my brother, dur­ing peak sea­son the num­ber will dou­ble to almost 80 wild boars! Can you imag­ine that.

Peo­ple will start feed­ing the wild boars with rice and corn they bought from the tem­ple. While the wild boars are eat­ing, the peo­ple will touch them from head to toe tail.

Accord­ing to the leg­end, ones who touched the wild boars will bring good luck. And accord­ing to the leg­end as well, some­body won the lot­tery after touch­ing the wild boars.

Sis­ter: “Yer… so smelly one…”
Dad: “Ceh… can­not say like that at this place. Later the Indian Tem­ple peo­ple heard liao and they come and whack you…”
Mom: “Wah… really smelly leh…”
Dad: “I just told you all not to men­tion it.”
Me: “Hahaha…”

The wild boars are just like cats, they walk here and there in front of every­one not show­ing a sin­gle sign of fear towards the people.

Sis­ter: “Eh! They come near us liao!”
Me: *touch touch*
Me: “Yer… why the wild boar so oily one…?”
Mom: “Of course lah, they never shower one mar. You think what, after fin­ish eat­ing they go home take a shower and sleep then tomor­row come back again ar?”
Me: –_-”’

I took a video but it was too dark, can­not see any­thing. I am not sure how true the leg­end is, but one thing for sure, the Hindu Tem­ple must be mak­ing lots of money.


This post is about Life

This post has 9 comments


CommentNo. 1

kopiais8 December 20086:15 PM

so cute la your fam­ily =)) hahaha

CommentNo. 2

Ervin Ter9 December 20084:16 PM

Although I come from Taip­ing, but I still not yet go touch the babi hutan. Will find one day go touch then buy lot­tery immediately.

CommentNo. 3

max9 December 20087:13 PM

Wild Boar A: “Yao mo kao cho a… this one came to touch me yes­ter­day le, today still come back to touch me again a?“
Wild Boar B: “Yalo. Dono what are they think­ing le… but why la we have to come out every­day at 7pm a? You know a?“
Wild Boar A: “Actu­ally I also dono le. Buat wayang show only ma…“
Wild Boar B: “…”

CommentNo. 4

freedomsoul2 January 20093:22 PM

I just went there yes­ter­day. Unfor­tu­nately, there was some slight rain.But, those wild boars still came out. I touched one, it’s fur was really rough. Haha and yeah, it was really smelly! I saw some peo­ple rub­bing their money against the wild boar, they’ll use that money to buy numbers.

CommentNo. 5

prasanthrao12 January 20099:49 PM

it was very spe­cial and fantastic.i want to go there

CommentNo. 6

Dev11 February 20098:39 PM

I’m plan­ning to visit the tem­ple with my fam­ily com­ing early March.
Pls direct me how to go to the tem­ple. I’m com­ing from KL.

Thanks & regards,

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis12 February 20091:08 AM

Hi Dev,

It’s dif­fi­cult to tell you where it is. Because you have to go through many lorongs behind a taman in order to get to that place.

Why don’t you go to the BHP petrol sta­tion behind Tesco to ask around. Because the place is just behind that petrol station.

CommentNo. 8

Dev19 February 20098:36 PM

ok. Pls guide me how to get to tesco or the BHP from the North-South High­way. I’ll be com­ing from KL. Which exit shall I take?

Thanks & regards,

CommentNo. 9

jack tan22 February 200911:13 AM

it’s true i strike mag­num 4d after touch­ing it for the first time. it’s cute just like our house­hold pet.
bring tourist to my home­town and gen­er­ate properity.

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