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Today I met a lec­turer who has been tasked to tak­ing care of the deaf stu­dents in the university.

She came to me because she had writ­ten some sto­ries about the deaf grad­u­ates and she would like to pub­lish the sto­ries online. We talked and dis­cussed, then I referred her to our copy­writer, Chris­tine for fur­ther action.

Not long after that, Chris­tine came to update me.

Chris­tine: “Do you know that she is deaf as well?”
Me: “What???!!! Are you sure???”
Chris­tine: “Yeah. I said I will call her but she said don’t. Text her instead because she can’t hear. She is deaf and she reads our lips.”
Me: “Wow… I had no idea at all. She was like… com­pletely under­stand what I was saying!”

Frankly, I was really amazed by how good she is in lip reading.

I once watched a Hong Kong drama ‘Silence’. The main actress is actu­ally a half-deaf girl. One acci­dent made her com­pletely deaf and she has to strugle through her life, fam­ily and rela­tion­ship. The only way to com­mu­ni­cate with other peo­ple is through lip read­ing. She was so good at doing that like she had no hear­ing prob­lem at all.

That time, I thought it was just some dra­matic effects because it’s dif­fi­cult to film a story with a char­ac­ter that can’t hear. But today, it proves that I was so wrong.

I couldn’t help but won­der, what will be my reac­tion if she told me that she is deaf and she can read my lip up front?

Maybe I will act dif­fer­ently. Maybe I will speak slower. And maybe that’s exactly the sit­u­a­tion that she wanted to avoid.

It’s already dif­fi­cult enough for a nor­mal stu­dent to grad­u­ate with a degree. And now we are talk­ing about deaf stu­dents. I guess they must have been through a very hard time. Really look­ing for­ward to read their stories.


This post is about Life

This post has 1 comment

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kopiais19 December 20089:08 AM

Her name is Yoges (if I’m not mis­taken), an IH lec­turer
I wanted to join the sign lan­guage class with her but class is only dur­ing work­ing hour… sigh… my dream dream wish T_______T

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