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Farewell to the Max II: The Pride of the Knight

There is a new movie now showing in the cinemas called “Farewell to the Max II: The Pride of the Knight”.

If you missed the first episode of Farewell to the Max, it’s okay. Because this episode has nothing to do with the first episode. In fact, this will be the last episode.

It’s a story about a brave knight who fought against all odds in order to defend his own stand.

The ending is a bit sad because the brave knight had to resign leave the kingdom to a far far away land to find a better future.

Does the movie sounds promising to you?

Anyway, let us welcome the lead actor who is also the bravest, the strongest and the most handsome knight, Ah Max!!!

Please ignore the 2 fingers.

Ah Max

Poor Princess Sophea who always had something towards the knight can never felt so heart broken ever.


And the King Dennis who bestowed the knight with the “Knighthood of Milkiness” for him who spread the milky smell everywhere.

Ah Max and I

Oh ya, all stories must have bad guys. So let’s make Peter the bad guy.

Peter and Max

Peter the White Witch who kept the knight hostage in order to threaten the Princess to kill the King.

The Princess then seek for help from Kah Wai, the Fairy Queen.

The Fairy Queen then summoned Jenn Ting, the Living Buddha and with his powerful “Buddha Mountain Invisible Palm”, soon the White Witch has been defeated.

Neway Karaoke

The Princess is so happy and all of them (including the King who happened to be the camera man) went to Neway Karaoke for celebration.

However, the knight still have to leave the kingdom and everyone else will live not so happily ever after.

The end.

P/S: Sorry if you don’t understand what I’m talking about. Go and see pictures of foods from Michelangelo Italian Kitchen in the previous post.

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  1. what a movie… *sob*sob* bestest movie ever *sob*sob*

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