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Michelangelo Italian Kitchen at Sunway Pyramid

Sophea, Ah Max and I went to Michelangelo Italian Kitchen at Sunway Pyramid for lunch last Monday.

It’s a very nice restaurant and I highly recommend it.

As the starter, we ordered the Escargot. The grill escargot with olive oil and the garlic bread is so damn nice. It’s a must try dish.


Ah Max ordered the chicken salad. Actually this one nothing special.

Chicken salad

I ordered the seafood cheese baked rice. I’m telling you, this one is damn on. With all the delicious cheese, seafood and rice all mixed together, every bite will make you feel like taking off everything and run naked around Sunway Lagoon.

It’s 10,000 times better than Gim Kary‘s cheese baked rice.

Cheese baked rice

Look at the cheeselicious mussel. It will make people go crazy.

Escargot with cheese

Sophea ordered the pizza. It has four different toppings on 1 pizza. It tastes so much better than any pizzas at Pondok Piza.


Lastly, the dessert. We ordered the Tiramisu but it tastes not very tiramisu lor.


It’s a very nice restaurant with good food, good services, good ambience and moderate prices. Definitely will go there more often.

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  1. Hi there. Got to your blog via Google search when I was googling for Michelangelo’s Italian Kitchen.

    Anyway, I plan to go for a dinner (for two) at the restaurant and wonder if you have any idea if they’ve any special package or stuff like.. you know.. for valentine’s day. If there is any, please don’t hesitate to email me to lemmi know yea.

    And I think I’ll give them a call to inquire about it too, since I couldn’t find their homepage any where (wonder if they have one). Thanks again for the blog post. It’s indeed informative =D

  2. Hi Steven. I’ve been there only once. Not sure if they have any special package or anything like that.

    However, Kenny Sia did posted a Michelangelo’s Solaris Review sometime back about a Christmas Menu.

    I can’t find their website either. Perhaps they are still new. But as long as the food is nice, that’s enough :p

    Wish you happy valentine’s day in advanced.

  3. Oh, he did. Well actually I seldom read his blog post entirely if I find the title not attractive. Now I know I should read further. Haha. Thanks. Hope you’ll have a great weekend ahead =)

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