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Sophea, Ah Max and I went to Michelan­gelo Ital­ian Kitchen at Sun­way Pyra­mid for lunch last Monday.

It’s a very nice restau­rant and I highly rec­om­mend it.

As the starter, we ordered the Escar­got. The grill escar­got with olive oil and the gar­lic bread is so damn nice. It’s a must try dish.


Ah Max ordered the chicken salad. Actu­ally this one noth­ing special.

Chicken salad

I ordered the seafood cheese baked rice. I’m telling you, this one is damn on. With all the deli­cious cheese, seafood and rice all mixed together, every bite will make you feel like tak­ing off every­thing and run naked around Sun­way Lagoon.

It’s 10,000 times bet­ter than Gim Kary‘s cheese baked rice.

Cheese baked rice

Look at the cheese­li­cious mus­sel. It will make peo­ple go crazy.

Escargot with cheese

Sophea ordered the pizza. It has four dif­fer­ent top­pings on 1 pizza. It tastes so much bet­ter than any piz­zas at Pon­dok Piza.


Lastly, the dessert. We ordered the Tiramisu but it tastes not very tiramisu lor.


It’s a very nice restau­rant with good food, good ser­vices, good ambi­ence and mod­er­ate prices. Def­i­nitely will go there more often.


This post is about Food

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

Steven9 February 20094:51 PM

Hi there. Got to your blog via Google search when I was googling for Michelangelo’s Ital­ian Kitchen.

Any­way, I plan to go for a din­ner (for two) at the restau­rant and won­der if you have any idea if they’ve any spe­cial pack­age or stuff like.. you know.. for valentine’s day. If there is any, please don’t hes­i­tate to email me to lemmi know yea.

And I think I’ll give them a call to inquire about it too, since I couldn’t find their home­page any where (won­der if they have one). Thanks again for the blog post. It’s indeed infor­ma­tive =D

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis9 February 20096:49 PM

Hi Steven. I’ve been there only once. Not sure if they have any spe­cial pack­age or any­thing like that.

How­ever, Kenny Sia did posted a Michelangelo’s Solaris Review some­time back about a Christ­mas Menu.

I can’t find their web­site either. Per­haps they are still new. But as long as the food is nice, that’s enough :p

Wish you happy valentine’s day in advanced.

CommentNo. 3

Steven9 February 20096:58 PM

Oh, he did. Well actu­ally I sel­dom read his blog post entirely if I find the title not attrac­tive. Now I know I should read fur­ther. Haha. Thanks. Hope you’ll have a great week­end ahead =)

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