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For now you should have already noticed (if you are not read­ing this from an RSS reader), that I’ve changed the design of my blog. A new year marks a new begin­ning. So I’m launch­ing the new design on the first day of the year 2009 to mark a bet­ter year ahead.

After using the Minyx theme by Store­li­cious for one year (thank you Minyx, you had served me good and now it’s time for you to go),

Old design

fol­lowed by a fail­ure attempt to redesign the blog in 4 days with this,


and then I decided to give myself ample of time with no dead­line pres­sure and finally I came up with this.

New design

The bright-and-colourful-morning-up-above-the-sky kind of new design wasn’t really my ini­tial idea and it is com­pletely dif­fer­ent from the first attempt, but it turned out to be pretty good.

I love the cheer­ful and ener­getic char­ac­ter­is­tic. It makes me feel like a brand new won­der­ful day. When­ever I look at it I just feel, happy. I believe there’s no bet­ter name than “Happy” for this theme. So I’m going to name it the “Happy” theme.


The new design was ini­tially inspired by the wall­pa­per below which I found at a web­site called emotioncore04.

A trip to wonderland by secroit

The wall­pa­per was named “A trip to won­der­land” designed by secroit. Although it doesn’t look like a won­der­land to me but when I first saw it, I fell in love with the style, the details and also the colours.

I fol­lowed the style but added more per­sonal stuffs such as a DSLR (which I will get 1 soon), a flute, an iMac and also some cof­fee beans.

Abstract art

The rain­bow river was inspired by these con­tem­po­rary abstract paintings.

Abstract art 2

I always love abstract paint­ings with vibrant colours. How I wish I have the sec­ond paint­ing in my room.

Large text sizes

You might be shocked when you first see the texts became so big. Please, let me explain.

After read­ing The 100% Easy-2-Read Stan­dard writ­ten by Oliver Reichen­stein at his web­site, I got so inspired and decided to adapt the stan­dard by mak­ing the text size on my blog bigger.

At first, you’ll be shocked how big the default text is. But after a day, you won’t want to see any­thing smaller than 100% font-size for the main text. It looks big at first, but once you use it you quickly real­ize why all browser mak­ers chose this as the default text size.

I couldn’t agree more with what Oliver said. Using the default browser text size at 16px is much more eas­ier to read and it makes the read­ing expe­ri­ence more com­fort­able and faster.

In a nutshell

I will con­tinue to work on my blog to improve it. I really enjoyed the process and so far I’m lov­ing the out­come. Hope you will like the design too.

Wish every­one a very best year ahead and Happy New Year!!!


This post is about Design

This post has 10 comments


CommentNo. 1

ahzenn1 January 200912:52 AM

wao~ new design offi­cially launched on 1st jan. The design is great~ Happy new year!

CommentNo. 2

max1 January 200912:55 AM

good good

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis1 January 20091:08 AM

Yeah… new year new design mar… thanks.


Happy New Year!

CommentNo. 4

richie1 January 20092:07 AM

wow…definitely deli­ciousy and col­orely and word­pres­sisi, really love the rss icon design, the idea of rss to rep­re­sent sun is wicked, yeah to Den­nis !! but got a lit­tle bug on your web­site, you for­get to put my blog in your blogroll, that’s the only bug you have, haha..

CommentNo. 5

Kevin1 January 20091:19 PM

Is way bet­ter than the pre­vi­ous one you did, and the color is cheer­ful lo.….

I really like your RSS

btw happy new year

CommentNo. 6

Ervin Ter1 January 20091:51 PM

This is cool theme. Nice design..

Author’s CommentNo. 7

Den­nis1 January 20092:33 PM

Hahaha… word­pres­sisi… what it means har? And I fixed the “bug” already.

Thanks. You said before I can’t make it before new year as well… but I did it!!!

Happy new year to you too.

@Ervin Ter
Thank u thank u… hehehe… happy…

CommentNo. 8

pluedin2 January 200910:06 AM

WOW! Sooo kewl! Its alot more col­or­ful and young than the pre­vi­ous theme. The RSS suprised me! Another new way of show­ing rss icon. The font size… need time to get used to it, but i read­ing it from reader so should be ok.

Done this theme in less than 4 Days!? You are ridicu­lous… More train­ing from Teacher Lee please!!! hahah

Happy New Year!!!

CommentNo. 9

ganganadarajan15 October 201010:50 PM

very nice… is it ok if i use it to design the cover of my school magazine?

Author’s CommentNo. 10

Den­nis Lee16 October 20109:47 AM

Hi gan­ganadara­jan, which art­work of mine are you refer­ring to?

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