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For now you should have already noticed (if you are not reading this from an RSS reader), that I’ve changed the design of my blog. A new year marks a new beginning. So I’m launching the new design on the first day of the year 2009 to mark a better year ahead.

After using the Minyx theme by Storelicious for one year (thank you Minyx, you had served me good and now it’s time for you to go),

Old design

followed by a failure attempt to redesign the blog in 4 days with this,


and then I decided to give myself ample of time with no deadline pressure and finally I came up with this.

New design

The bright-and-colourful-morning-up-above-the-sky kind of new design wasn’t really my initial idea and it is completely different from the first attempt, but it turned out to be pretty good.

I love the cheerful and energetic characteristic. It makes me feel like a brand new wonderful day. Whenever I look at it I just feel, happy. I believe there’s no better name than “Happy” for this theme. So I’m going to name it the “Happy” theme.


The new design was initially inspired by the wallpaper below which I found at a website called emotioncore04.

A trip to wonderland by secroit

The wallpaper was named “A trip to wonderland” designed by secroit. Although it doesn’t look like a wonderland to me but when I first saw it, I fell in love with the style, the details and also the colours.

I followed the style but added more personal stuffs such as a DSLR (which I will get 1 soon), a flute, an iMac and also some coffee beans.

Abstract art

The rainbow river was inspired by these contemporary abstract paintings.

Abstract art 2

I always love abstract paintings with vibrant colours. How I wish I have the second painting in my room.

Large text sizes

You might be shocked when you first see the texts became so big. Please, let me explain.

After reading The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard written by Oliver Reichenstein at his website, I got so inspired and decided to adapt the standard by making the text size on my blog bigger.

At first, you’ll be shocked how big the default text is. But after a day, you won’t want to see anything smaller than 100% font-size for the main text. It looks big at first, but once you use it you quickly realize why all browser makers chose this as the default text size.

I couldn’t agree more with what Oliver said. Using the default browser text size at 16px is much more easier to read and it makes the reading experience more comfortable and faster.

In a nutshell

I will continue to work on my blog to improve it. I really enjoyed the process and so far I’m loving the outcome. Hope you will like the design too.

Wish everyone a very best year ahead and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. ahzenn ahzenn

    wao~ new design officially launched on 1st jan. The design is great~ Happy new year!

  2. max max

    good good

  3. @ahzenn
    Yeah… new year new design mar… thanks.


    Happy New Year!

  4. wow…definitely deliciousy and colorely and wordpressisi, really love the rss icon design, the idea of rss to represent sun is wicked, yeah to Dennis !! but got a little bug on your website, you forget to put my blog in your blogroll, that’s the only bug you have, haha..

  5. Kevin Kevin

    Is way better than the previous one you did, and the color is cheerful lo…..

    I really like your RSS…

    btw happy new year

  6. This is cool theme. Nice design..

  7. @richie
    Hahaha… wordpressisi… what it means har? And I fixed the “bug” already.

    Thanks. You said before I can’t make it before new year as well… but I did it!!!

    Happy new year to you too.

    @Ervin Ter
    Thank u thank u… hehehe… happy…

  8. pluedin pluedin

    WOW! Sooo kewl! Its alot more colorful and young than the previous theme. The RSS suprised me! Another new way of showing rss icon. The font size… need time to get used to it, but i reading it from reader so should be ok.

    Done this theme in less than 4 Days!? You are ridiculous… More training from Teacher Lee please!!! hahah

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. ganganadarajan ganganadarajan

    very nice… is it ok if i use it to design the cover of my school magazine?

  10. Hi ganganadarajan, which artwork of mine are you referring to?

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