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After a long wait for 75 days, I have finally expe­ri­enced the won­ders of the top hit musi­cal Mamma Mia! on the very first day of year 2009.

Three of us, Kah Wai, Jenn Ting and I went to the show together.

Kah Wai, Jenn Ting and I

We went for din­ner at Man­hat­tan Fish Mar­ket at Ampang Park.

Jenn Ting

Kah Wai

I was so anx­ious to watch the show since the day I book the tick­ets. Before we enter the the­atre, my heart keeps beat­ing very fast like I was sup­posed to go on stage to give a speech or something.

Kah Wai and I

This time we made it very early due to the past expe­ri­ences we had.

Kah Wai and Jenn Ting

The musi­cal was so so good I feel like I wanted to shout it out loud from the top of KLCC!

The stage, the story, the char­ac­ters, the music, the chore­o­gra­phies and the jokes, every­thing seems to be per­fect. It was some­thing that I’ve never seen before in other musi­cal productions.

At the end of the show, the whole cast came on stage and start singing and danc­ing the finale songs, Mamma Mia!, Danc­ing Queen and Water­loo. The entire audi­ence stood up, cheer­ing, clap­ping and danc­ing along until the end. I was so excited and with­out real­is­ing it, I was already on my feet, cheer­ing, clap­ping hands and danc­ing like a Danc­ing Queen King.

Dancing King

Oh, not for­get­ting to men­tion that Dr Mahathir, our for­mer Prime Min­is­ter was there together with his wife watch­ing the show as well.

It feels good because I have kicked start the year 2009 with the world’s great­est musi­cal. It is so worth it and it’s no doubt I will watch it again and again if I have the chance.


This post is about Musical

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