Life is getting predictable


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Yes­ter­day, it was a Sunday.

Max: “wat u did today?”
Me: “is it impor­tant for u to know?”
Max: “y always ask me this?”
Me: “hhh­mmm… coz i want to know if it’s impor­tant for u to know mar”
Max: “of coz impor­tant la… if not I won’t ask you already…”
Me: “oh ok lor…”

In one mes­sage, I typed “This morn­ing I woke up at around 11… then made myself break­fast, 2 half boiled eggs, a banana and a glass of cof­fee. Then go to Sun­way Pyra­mid to meet my friend, we had lunch at Laksa Shack, then watch a movie ‘Bed­time Sto­ries’, after that we went shop­ping, I bought a black shirt from G2000 and 2 t-shirts from Top­man, had our din­ner at Sakae Sushi, then chat­ted for 1 hour then go home.”

Max: –_-”’

Life is get­ting pre­dictable

Maybe he was right. Nowa­days life is really so pre­dictable. Who the hell in KL doesn’t go to the malls to “walk street, watch movie and eat rice” dur­ing weekends?

Maybe I’m exag­ger­at­ing. But to a cer­tain point, it is so true. Where do the cou­ples go dur­ing week­ends? The Curve. Where do the friends meet up dur­ing week­ends? One Utama. Where do the fam­i­lies shop dur­ing week­ends? Mid Val­ley. Where do teenagers hang out dur­ing week­ends? Sun­gai Wang. And we still have Sun­way Pyra­mid, KLCC, Times Square, Pavil­ion, IOI Mall, Leisure Mall, Ala­manda and the list goes on and on.

So I guess “walk street, watch movie and eat rice” is the new KL lifestyle. Thanks to these “pre­dictable” Homo sapi­ens, more and more shop­ping malls are open­ing up and the old ones keep expand­ing like crazy.

It’s easy to live a pre­dictable life. Just fol­low the for­mula below.

Pre­dictable life = Where + Who + What

And now I’m going to show you how to solve the equation.


Pick a shop­ping mall. I picked Sun­way Pyramid.

It was already fully dec­o­rated with lanterns and hhh­mmm… umbrel­las??? Chi­nese New Year is just around the corner.

CNY decorations


Find a com­pany or com­pa­nies. I went there with one of my best friends, OBK.



This is a tricky part. You must com­plete the 3 mag­i­cal things in order to have a pre­dictable life, “walk street, watch movie and eat rice”.

So we went to shop around and I spent RM102 on a shirt and 2 t-shirts. Then we went to Laksa Shack for lunch. And then we watched a movie Bed­time Sto­ries. And then we had our din­ner at Sakae Sushi.

At Laksa Shack, OBK ordered the Sarawak Laksa. Not bad.

Sarawak Laksa

I ordered the Assam Laksa. Great.

Assam Laksa

And also the Cen­dol. But too full can’t finish.


See, it is so easy in just 3 sim­ple steps you will get a pre­dictable life.

Hahaha… I guess my life is pretty pre­dictable. But other than that, what else can we do dur­ing weekends?


This post is about Food, Life

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

Max5 January 200911:21 PM

Yes, life cer­tainly is get­ting predictable ?

CommentNo. 2

Ted7 January 200912:35 AM

Life in the cap­i­tal would not be as pre­dictable as life in smaller towns. Then again, it’s all a loop just like writ­ing a program.

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis9 January 200912:14 AM

Yeah you are def­i­nitely right. At my home town, I’ll be doing the same thing not only dur­ing the week­ends, but everyday.

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