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Life is getting predictable

Yesterday, it was a Sunday.

Max: “wat u did today?”
Me: “is it important for u to know?”
Max: “y always ask me this?”
Me: “hhhmmm… coz i want to know if it’s important for u to know mar”
Max: “of coz important la… if not I won’t ask you already…”
Me: “oh ok lor…”

In one message, I typed “This morning I woke up at around 11… then made myself breakfast, 2 half boiled eggs, a banana and a glass of coffee. Then go to Sunway Pyramid to meet my friend, we had lunch at Laksa Shack, then watch a movie ‘Bedtime Stories’, after that we went shopping, I bought a black shirt from G2000 and 2 t-shirts from Topman, had our dinner at Sakae Sushi, then chatted for 1 hour then go home.”

Max: -_-”’

Life is getting predictable

Maybe he was right. Nowadays life is really so predictable. Who the hell in KL doesn’t go to the malls to “walk street, watch movie and eat rice” during weekends?

Maybe I’m exaggerating. But to a certain point, it is so true. Where do the couples go during weekends? The Curve. Where do the friends meet up during weekends? One Utama. Where do the families shop during weekends? Mid Valley. Where do teenagers hang out during weekends? Sungai Wang. And we still have Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Times Square, Pavilion, IOI Mall, Leisure Mall, Alamanda and the list goes on and on.

So I guess “walk street, watch movie and eat rice” is the new KL lifestyle. Thanks to these “predictable” Homo sapiens, more and more shopping malls are opening up and the old ones keep expanding like crazy.

It’s easy to live a predictable life. Just follow the formula below.

Predictable life = Where + Who + What

And now I’m going to show you how to solve the equation.


Pick a shopping mall. I picked Sunway Pyramid.

It was already fully decorated with lanterns and hhhmmm… umbrellas??? Chinese New Year is just around the corner.

CNY decorations


Find a company or companies. I went there with one of my best friends, OBK.



This is a tricky part. You must complete the 3 magical things in order to have a predictable life, “walk street, watch movie and eat rice”.

So we went to shop around and I spent RM102 on a shirt and 2 t-shirts. Then we went to Laksa Shack for lunch. And then we watched a movie Bedtime Stories. And then we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi.

At Laksa Shack, OBK ordered the Sarawak Laksa. Not bad.

Sarawak Laksa

I ordered the Assam Laksa. Great.

Assam Laksa

And also the Cendol. But too full can’t finish.


See, it is so easy in just 3 simple steps you will get a predictable life.

Hahaha… I guess my life is pretty predictable. But other than that, what else can we do during weekends?

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  1. Max Max

    Yes, life certainly is getting predictable ?

  2. Ted Ted

    Life in the capital would not be as predictable as life in smaller towns. Then again, it’s all a loop just like writing a program.

  3. @Ted
    Yeah you are definitely right. At my home town, I’ll be doing the same thing not only during the weekends, but everyday.

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