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Happy Chinese New Year

Finally I have access to the Internet. First of all, I want to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year (CNY) and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Happy Chinese New Year

This CNY is almost the same as last CNY, reunion dinner, gathering, visit here and there, chit chat, watch movies, watch Astro, eat, drink and sleep.

But this year I gave more Ang Pao’s compare to last year. More and more friends getting married and some even brought their babies to the gathering.

This is the year of cow. According to some Fengshui master over the radio, it should be a good year for the pig like me. Although I’m not that superstitious, but I will hope for the best this year.

Holiday is ending soon as I’m heading back to KL tomorrow. Last week the traffic from KL to Taiping was smooth at night except a small jam at Ipoh, hopefully my journey back to KL tomorrow will be better.

Lastly, wishing you “million things as wish”, “out in peacefully”, “heart thinks things done” and “year year got fish remaining”.

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  1. Sad to heard my friends one by one leaving Taiping and back to where they come back from. Time is flying fast in Taiping with eat sleep eat sleep. Very good moment to take a good rest.

    I wish you travel safe back to KL with no traffic jam.

  2. Thank you. Time really does flying fast.

    Hope you had a good rest and wish you “son and grand child full house” (子孙满堂).

  3. me want ang pao!! keep one for me peerrlliiiiseeee

  4. Okay when you come back to Malaysia I give you one Ang Pao. Only the Ang Pao…

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