Happy Chinese New Year


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Finally I have access to the Inter­net. First of all, I want to wish every­one Happy Chi­nese New Year (CNY) and Gong Xi Fa Cai.

Happy Chinese New Year

This CNY is almost the same as last CNY, reunion din­ner, gath­er­ing, visit here and there, chit chat, watch movies, watch Astro, eat, drink and sleep.

But this year I gave more Ang Pao’s com­pare to last year. More and more friends get­ting mar­ried and some even brought their babies to the gathering.

This is the year of cow. Accord­ing to some Feng­shui mas­ter over the radio, it should be a good year for the pig like me. Although I’m not that super­sti­tious, but I will hope for the best this year.

Hol­i­day is end­ing soon as I’m head­ing back to KL tomor­row. Last week the traf­fic from KL to Taip­ing was smooth at night except a small jam at Ipoh, hope­fully my jour­ney back to KL tomor­row will be better.

Lastly, wish­ing you “mil­lion things as wish”, “out in peace­fully”, “heart thinks things done” and “year year got fish remaining”.


This post is about Life

This post has 4 comments


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Ervin Ter31 January 200912:14 AM

Sad to heard my friends one by one leav­ing Taip­ing and back to where they come back from. Time is fly­ing fast in Taip­ing with eat sleep eat sleep. Very good moment to take a good rest.

I wish you travel safe back to KL with no traf­fic jam.

Author’s CommentNo. 2

Den­nis31 January 200911:23 AM

Thank you. Time really does fly­ing fast.

Hope you had a good rest and wish you “son and grand child full house” (子孙满堂).

CommentNo. 3

kopiais2 February 20093:16 PM

me want ang pao!! keep one for me peerrlliiiiseeee

Author’s CommentNo. 4

Den­nis4 February 200912:15 AM

Okay when you come back to Malaysia I give you one Ang Pao. Only the Ang Pao…

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