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Kevin and I reach home that night and just as we enter the elevator, there was already a Chinese guy standing at one of the corner near the door together with a cute little dog hiding behind his legs.

“Wah so cute lah the dog!” Kevin seemed to be very excited and kept looking at the dog.

As we are looking at the dog dropping its saliva on its master’s shoe and then uses its tongue to lick its own eyes, another Indian guy and a Chinese girl entered the elevator.

After a while, the elevator stopped and the girl, the man and the dog left. Leaving three of us, the Indian guy, Kevin and I in the elevator.

Suddenly I smelled something smoky.

“Smoking in the lift is not allowed,” Kevin told the Indian guy.

I turn my head around. Indeed, the Indian guy was smoking inside the elevator. I felt irritated as I can not stand the smoke in such a small space.

Seemed to be a little unhappy, “dogs are not allowed also what,” the Indian guy pointed at the corner where the Chinese guy used to stand and then he continued, “skin colour huh?”

What the???!!! Is he trying to say that we are racist because we never say anything about the dog as the owner is a Chinese???!!!

This is just ridiculous. Yes, dogs are not allowed in the apartment but at least the dog is not bordering anyone at that time. On the other hand, smoking in the elevator is not allowed either and it will affect all the other 4 people in the elevator and that is a very very inconsiderate act.

“I’m allergic to smokes,” I told him while pointing to my nose, which is true because sometimes smokes will trigger my asthma.

He stopped for while and then he said “I’m sorry.”

I smilled and nod my head as he leaves the elevator.

Well, I don’t want to go into racial issue here because sooner or later, someone will go and flame the comment area with some unpleasant comments.

However, one should never judge other people stereotypically. Because when you start having a fixed image or idea of a particular person, you will tend to ignore his other sides. Even if he is not who you think he is, you can easily relate whatever he does to any of the stereotypes in your mind.

Because that is who you want to believe he is.

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  1. daijiaoking daijiaoking

    Giv the indian guy a karate chop!

  2. imho, racism is everywhere and it’s up to us mankind to make it happen or not. his question might be a little impolite but never mind just let it be. at least it wont spark a fight or worse =)

  3. come on…everybody is just equal…
    skin colour…a ridiculous joke

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