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Kevin and I reach home that night and just as we enter the ele­va­tor, there was already a Chi­nese guy stand­ing at one of the cor­ner near the door together with a cute lit­tle dog hid­ing behind his legs.

“Wah so cute lah the dog!” Kevin seemed to be very excited and kept look­ing at the dog.

As we are look­ing at the dog drop­ping its saliva on its master’s shoe and then uses its tongue to lick its own eyes, another Indian guy and a Chi­nese girl entered the elevator.

After a while, the ele­va­tor stopped and the girl, the man and the dog left. Leav­ing three of us, the Indian guy, Kevin and I in the elevator.

Sud­denly I smelled some­thing smoky.

“Smok­ing in the lift is not allowed,” Kevin told the Indian guy.

I turn my head around. Indeed, the Indian guy was smok­ing inside the ele­va­tor. I felt irri­tated as I can not stand the smoke in such a small space.

Seemed to be a lit­tle unhappy, “dogs are not allowed also what,” the Indian guy pointed at the cor­ner where the Chi­nese guy used to stand and then he con­tin­ued, “skin colour huh?”

What the???!!! Is he try­ing to say that we are racist because we never say any­thing about the dog as the owner is a Chinese???!!!

This is just ridicu­lous. Yes, dogs are not allowed in the apart­ment but at least the dog is not bor­der­ing any­one at that time. On the other hand, smok­ing in the ele­va­tor is not allowed either and it will affect all the other 4 peo­ple in the ele­va­tor and that is a very very incon­sid­er­ate act.

“I’m aller­gic to smokes,” I told him while point­ing to my nose, which is true because some­times smokes will trig­ger my asthma.

He stopped for while and then he said “I’m sorry.”

I smilled and nod my head as he leaves the elevator.

Well, I don’t want to go into racial issue here because sooner or later, some­one will go and flame the com­ment area with some unpleas­ant comments.

How­ever, one should never judge other peo­ple stereo­typ­i­cally. Because when you start hav­ing a fixed image or idea of a par­tic­u­lar per­son, you will tend to ignore his other sides. Even if he is not who you think he is, you can eas­ily relate what­ever he does to any of the stereo­types in your mind.

Because that is who you want to believe he is.


This post is about Life

This post has 3 comments


CommentNo. 1

daijiaoking12 February 20095:32 PM

Giv the indian guy a karate chop!

CommentNo. 2

Steven14 February 20091:18 AM

imho, racism is every­where and it’s up to us mankind to make it hap­pen or not. his ques­tion might be a lit­tle impo­lite but never mind just let it be. at least it wont spark a fight or worse =)

CommentNo. 3

Se@n16 February 200912:44 AM

come on…everybody is just equal…
skin colour…a ridicu­lous joke

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