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Esquire Kitchen and bowling

It’s 2:42 AM and I can’t sleep because I slept too much in the evening.

Since I have nothing much to do, I decided to complete this post. This post had stayed in my draft folder for 1 week already but I’m too lazy to complete it.

I thought it would be a waste if I took the pictures and never post. So let me just write something pointless.

It was last weekend. I went out for lunch and bowling with Cheng Lam and Kevin.

Esquire Kitchen

This is fried rice.

Yong Chow fried rice

This is pork chop rice.

Pork chop rice

This is curry chicken rice.

Curry chicken rice

This is pork with buns.

Pork and bun


Me bowling at Sunway Pyramid.

Me bowling

Look at Cheng Lam, fuiyoh the pose.

Cheng Lam bowling

Look at Kevin, walau like very geng.

Kevin bowling

Until next post, see ya.

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  1. max max

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kevin looks like running after the ball!

  2. max max

    ~ “sei ball mai zhao a!!”

  3. Long long long long time dint play bowling liao…
    miss it…
    = =

  4. Yeah we should organise a team bowling session someday… it will be fun…

  5. chenglam chenglam

    Walao eh~~~~~ I din realise my pose were actually like a PRO!!! But the result KANASAI!!!

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