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This post is about Life

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I can never write short posts with only one or two sen­tences like how Max and Sophea did.

My crap­ping skill is just too good. How­ever, I’m going to try to write one today.

Let’s begin.

Lovely Sun­day morn­ing, many cars on the road.

An acci­dent hap­pened right beside my car 0_0

Drive slower lah people.

Went to watched Ben­jamin But­ton with Ah Max. Super nice ^_^


But he got lost AGAIN while he was head­ing home 囧

He is such a 方向痴 –_-”’

P/S: Phew… not easy leh, still got many things to write… It seems still very long right? T_T Will try again next time…


This post is about Life

This post has 6 comments


CommentNo. 1

kevin24 February 200910:06 AM

Haha… Max very blur o…

The ben­jamin but­ton movie is really inspir­ing, Hope can catch it once again..

CommentNo. 2

kopiais24 February 20096:27 PM

cis…never ask me … i was very sien the whole day in my room T______T

Author’s CommentNo. 3

Den­nis25 February 200912:25 AM

Let’s go and watch it again!!!

CommentNo. 4

Se@n25 February 20092:29 AM

huh…since when your blog can show chi­nese character?

Author’s CommentNo. 5

Den­nis25 February 200910:09 AM

Hahaha… since the day redesigned. While redesign­ing the blog, I fixed the encod­ing prob­lem. Not easy though…

CommentNo. 6

Dan8 March 20093:33 AM

we shall get him GPS for his birth­day present .…

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