Short post

I can never write short posts with only one or two sentences like how Max and Sophea did.

My crapping skill is just too good. However, I’m going to try to write one today.

Let’s begin.

Lovely Sunday morning, many cars on the road.

An accident happened right beside my car 0_0

Drive slower lah people.

Went to watched Benjamin Button with Ah Max. Super nice ^_^


But he got lost AGAIN while he was heading home 囧

He is such a 方向痴 -_-”’

P/S: Phew… not easy leh, still got many things to write… It seems still very long right? T_T Will try again next time…


kevin 24 February 2009

Haha… Max very blur o…

The benjamin button movie is really inspiring, Hope can catch it once again..

kopiais 24 February 2009

cis…never ask me … i was very sien the whole day in my room T______T

Dennis 25 February 2009

Let’s go and watch it again!!!

Se@n 25 February 2009

huh…since when your blog can show chinese character?

Dennis 25 February 2009

Hahaha… since the day redesigned. While redesigning the blog, I fixed the encoding problem. Not easy though…

Dan 8 March 2009

we shall get him GPS for his birthday present ….

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