Donating blood

National Blood Bank came to the campus to run a blood donation campaign.

So Sophea and I went to donate some blood this afternoon. But too bad she cannot donate due to some health issue.

Although it’s around the fourth time I’m donating blood, but every time I still have no courage to look at it when they poke the needle into my vein.


I still remember the first time when I was donating blood, I was very skinny and I don’t have much blood. All my friends finished donating but left me alone lying in the chair keep pumping non-stop because the blood won’t come out.

Me donating blood

This time, it was easy and fast. I guess exercising throughout the years really does make me a healthier person.

My blood

Blood type O, the universal donor. There goes 450ml of my blood.

Good bye my blood, I hope you save some lives out there. Don’t miss me because I will be regenerating more to replace you in few weeks time.

P/S: Thanks Sophea for taking the pictures. Everything will be alright.


Ted 28 February 2009

You shall be my priority donor from now onwards, hoho

kopiais 28 February 2009


Dennis 28 February 2009

Oh, then you have to book 3 months in advanced (min period for next donation). Call my secretary and she will tell you what to do.

Cheer up a bit lah… you had Jogoya what…

Se@n 2 March 2009


daijiaoking 2 March 2009

好榜样! 值得学习!

Dennis 2 March 2009

-_-”’ What are you trying to say…

I think you have to gain more weight first… I used to be underweight also last time… you can make it…

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