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Donating blood

National Blood Bank came to the campus to run a blood donation campaign.

So Sophea and I went to donate some blood this afternoon. But too bad she cannot donate due to some health issue.

Although it’s around the fourth time I’m donating blood, but every time I still have no courage to look at it when they poke the needle into my vein.


I still remember the first time when I was donating blood, I was very skinny and I don’t have much blood. All my friends finished donating but left me alone lying in the chair keep pumping non-stop because the blood won’t come out.

Me donating blood

This time, it was easy and fast. I guess exercising throughout the years really does make me a healthier person.

My blood

Blood type O, the universal donor. There goes 450ml of my blood.

Good bye my blood, I hope you save some lives out there. Don’t miss me because I will be regenerating more to replace you in few weeks time.

P/S: Thanks Sophea for taking the pictures. Everything will be alright.

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  1. Ted Ted

    You shall be my priority donor from now onwards, hoho

  2. *speechless*

  3. @Ted
    Oh, then you have to book 3 months in advanced (min period for next donation). Call my secretary and she will tell you what to do.

    Cheer up a bit lah… you had Jogoya what…

  4. 噢,見紅了。。。

  5. daijiaoking daijiaoking

    好榜样! 值得学习!

  6. @Sean
    -_-”’ What are you trying to say…

    I think you have to gain more weight first… I used to be underweight also last time… you can make it…

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