Cats the Musical

Just now I was checking my email and then I saw this email titled “Citibank cardmember exclusive : Enjoy 10% OFF on CATS Musical Production”.


OH MY GOD!!! HOLY COW!!!! Is this real???!!! Cats is coming???!!! I can’t believe it!!!

“Kevin! Kevin!” I shouted out my joy, “Cats is coming! Cats is coming!” I was jumping up and down in my room and shouting here and there (literally).

“Wah! Cats is coming ar?” he seems excited also, “but where is it har?”

I try to look for the venue in the email, “er… should be at…”

“Esplanade Theatre, Singapore,” he says.

What the fuck!


max 2 March 2009

i got the same email also. Really zha dao.

Lynette 29 April 2009

Spore is only 3-4 hours away and cheap yet nice accomodation available in China Town. Why not go down for a 2D1N tour for musical and Teochew food!? 😀

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