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Last Sat­ur­day, four of us, from left to right, Ziyi, Kah Wai, Jenn Ting and I went to Genting to watch Kitaro’s concert.

Ziyi, Kah Wai, Jenn Ting and I

We reached there around 7 and the con­cert starts at 8. So we had our quick din­ner at Old­Town. All of us had the exact same thing, Chicken Hor Fun and warm water.

Kah Wai and Jenn Ting

It was “peo­ple moun­tain peo­ple sea” at the entrance. And the weather was cold.

Arena of Stars

The dis­tance from the stage was not bad. After­all it was the music that matters.

Before the show

The per­for­mance was mar­velous. He played a few soon-to-be-released songs and he said it was the first time the songs to be played to the public.

I was so attracted to the per­for­mances to a point that tears started to drain from my eyes. Hmmm… I’m so emotional.


The con­cert ended around 11 PM. It was rain­ing and freez­ing. So we went to Star­bucks to have some cof­fee, cakes and camwhores.

Ziyi is my house mate. He was shiv­er­ing in the cold because he didn’t bring any sweater or jacket. Pity him. So I lent him my scarf.


While wait­ing for our cof­fee, Jenn Ting was look­ing around and sud­denly I said “stop, don’t move, just stay like that.”

Jenn Ting

I quickly take a snap­shot of him and he looks so macho in the picture.

Kah Wai

Every­one was so talk­a­tive and we sat there chit chat until midnight.


It was late and then we decided to call it a night.

We got into the car, drove out the build­ing and sud­denly Jenn Ting saw 2 aun­ties push­ing a van. Imme­di­ately he asked Ziyi to pull off and asked every­one to go down and help.

There was an old man sit­ting in the dri­ver seat while two aun­ties push­ing from the back try­ing to push-start the van. Although we didn’t man­aged to get the van started, but at least we helped them to push the van back to the park­ing lot.

Seri­ously, if it wasn’t Jenn Ting, I don’t think we will stop the car to lend a help­ing hand. It’s hard to find a kind-hearted man like Jenn Ting nowa­days. We should learn from him.


This post is about Musical

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